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The scarring effects of Coronavirus on the economy and capital markets

Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist, Allianz SE discussed his macroeconomic outlook live on the 24th September 2020.

23 Sep 2020

B&L Macro Insights Video

Back to the Future: How future policy, economics and markets are being re-shaped by the pandemic

Jason Schenker discussed his macroeconomic outlook live on the 16th of September 2020

14 Sep 2020

How democracy is impacting economic policy and investment outcomes

Marshall Stocker, Portfolio Manager, Vice President, Director of Country Research, Eaton Vance Management will be discussing his macroeconomic outlook live on the 8th of October 2020

11 Sep 2020

V, U or W: Mapping the Middle East’s economic recoveries post-COVID

Dr. Nasser Saidi, President, Nasser Saidi & Associates will be discussing his macroeconomic outlook live on the 15th October at 7:30AM UK time.

25 Aug 2020

Latin America and the economic impact of the pandemic

Jean Van de Walle, Chief Investment Officer, Sycamore Capital and Adjunt Professor, Emerging Markets Finance, NYU Stern School of Business will be discussing his macroeconomic outlook live on the 15th of October 2020

25 Aug 2020

Africa’s (re)adjusting economies: As COVID19 cases surpass a million how much should forecasters be re-forecasting?

Razia Khan discussed her macroeconomic outlook live on the 10th of September 2020.

20 Aug 2020

Join David Lubin on the 29th October 2020

David Lubin, Head of Emerging Markets Economics at Citi will be discussing his macroeconomic outlook live on the 29th of October 2020

18 Aug 2020

Risks for emerging markets on the horizon, and blowback risks on developed markets

Megan Greene discussed her macroeconomic outlook live on the 3rd of September 2020

4 Aug 2020

#BondsLoans24 - The damage done: When will the recovery start and what will it look like for emerging economies post-COVID19?

Peter Marber (Aperture Investors), Charles Robertson (Renaissance Capital), Marshall Stocker (Eaton Vance Management), James Sadler (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) and Greg Saichin (Even Keel Family Office) debate the winners and losers of the pandemic

17 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - Debt relief: What is the impact on private creditors? What are the implications for EM debt as an asset class?

Samir Gadio (Standard Chartered), Lucie Villa (Moody’s Investors Service), Trang Nguyen (SMBC Nikko Capital Markets) and Thomas Christiansen (Union Bancaire Privee) consider the implications of debt relief for private investors, and on the EM debt asset class as a whole

17 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - What role can capital markets play in ensuring the equitable distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine across Africa?

Christopher Egerton-Warburton (Lion’s Head Global Partners) and Cyrus Ardalan (Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance) discuss development of a vaccine and equitable distribution with the help of capital markets

17 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - DFIs, IFIS and ECAs in Africa: A change of strategy or business as usual?

Deepak Dave (African Trade Insurance Agency), Banji Fehintola (Africa Finance Corporation), Vivian Ramathuba (New Development Bank), Ayman Sejiny (ICD) and Abraham Byanyima (Trade & Development Bank) discuss debt relief, social bonds, and the role of DFIs, IFIs and ECAs post-pandemic

17 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - Approaching the market: How are corporates managing their short, medium, and long-term funding?

Alwaled Al-Moaither (SABIC), Rajit Nanda (ACWA Power), Ahmad Alshubbar (Rawabi Holding Company), Manish Manchandya (Saudi Electricity Company), and Sabrina Al Bakri (OQ) discuss with Jean-Marc Mercier (HSBC) about their approach to fund raising post-COVI19

17 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - Colombia: Response to COVID-19, GDP growth and capital requirements

Cesar Arias, Colombia’s Director of Public Credit and National Treasury, discusses his country’s response to COVID-19, economic outlook for the country, and their recent experiences successfully raise capital on the international markets

16 Jul 2020

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