GFC Media Group (GFC) is the market-dominating Corporate Finance and Investment Banking events business for Emerging and Frontier Markets. Delivering conferences, roundtables, briefing days and awards to over 5,000 people annually, we put connecting you with business partners and counterparties at the centre of everything we do. From content creation, to event layout and coordinating meetings, we create environments to stimulate informal conversations that lead to business; and highlight who you might like to meet with, and those who might like to meet with you.

GFC was established in September 2009 by Alex Johnson, who spotted a trend in the immediate aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis: Corporate borrowers were shifting their debt portfolios from loans to bonds, and banks’ loans and bonds teams were beginning to work closer together. Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East, GFC’s first-ever event, was launched in Dubai in June 2010 attracting close to 180 attendees. In 2019, more that 1,200 people attended Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East.

Since 2010, GFC has hosted Bonds & Loans live events in Dubai, Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Singapore, Kenya and Nigeria – each of them cementing their position as the annual meeting place for government entities, borrowers, investors, lenders and advisers. In June 2020, in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, GFC moved its business online hosting the first-ever 24 hour online conference starting at 9am Singapore time and finishing at 6pm California time, featuring over 150 speakers and 2,000 participants.



  • We pursue excellence tirelessly, for ourselves and for our customers
  • We take pride in being as good as we can possibly be, and always look to do better


  • We work as a team and we succeed as a team
  • We work with our customers and attendees as if they are part of our team to deliver the highest possible results


  • Success is defined as doing something well consistently over a long time
  • We do not strive for one-off successes. We measure our success over many years of high-quality performance and delivery


"Congrats on pulling this truly global event off - hats off to you and the GFC team for demonstrating this level of resilience and creativity for us all. So many topics, so many people and so much insight.”

Dino Kronfol, CIO, Global Sukuk & MENA Fixed Income, Franklin Templeton Investments

“The conference gives you incredible information of what is actually happening in the financial markets, which is credible, honest, pros and cons, all under one roof, which you don’t get at any other conference”

Neeraj Agarwal, CFO, Crescent Petroleum


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