BBH: Reasoned optimism for debt in post-election Peru

Analysts at BBH, a New York-based investment house, see many reasons to be optimistic about Peru’s economy following the first round of elections which took place in the Latin American country this week.

13 Apr 2016

South Africa stabilises alongside other EMs as new pricing reality sets in

South Africa seems to be benefiting from an uplift in emerging markets as the stabilisation in China’s economy and the commodities sector sent the rand to four-month highs this week. Despite the positive shift, a successful Eurobond sale, and an end to some short term political strife, some investors are still concerned about long-term structural issues plaguing the country.

12 Apr 2016

China to boost exposure of yuan to foreign markets

China could increasingly utilise foreign currencies in its domestic market in an attempt to make trading more profitable for Chinese companies. It could also issue bonds in a variety of the IMF’s reserve currencies to increase the exposure of the yuan to foreign markets.

1 Apr 2016

The China Convergence

Despite a volatile second half of 2015 and beginning 2016 on a rather precarious note, little seems to stand in China’s way as it seeks to position the yuan as a global reserve currency and supplant the US to become the global benchmark for fixed income.

22 Mar 2016

Brazil: Punishment in the right dose is healthy

The fiscal irresponsibility in recent years has not been limited to the federal government. The state and municipal governments have also disrespected the Fiscal Responsibility Law, if not directly, at least its spirit, often with the help of the National Treasury. The bill has now come due and the state governments are pressuring the central government for some relief. Missteps can aggravate the…

8 Mar 2016

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