Three factors that could impact Mexico’s outlook

In the not too distant past Brazil was the darling of Latin America’s economies while Mexico struggled relentlessly. Now it seems the tables have turned, with Mexico weathering steep currency depreciation and a global oil slowdown to remain one of the most liquid economies in the region – at least for the time being. Bonds & Loans Connect sat down with several credit market, currency and policy…

25 Sept 2015

Mexico: All Eyes on growth

Mexico’s central bank followed the Fed’s lead this week in keeping the borrowing rate to record lows at 3%, and similarly implied that it could raise rates in the near future – some believe as early as December. It also revised down the country’s growth prospects for the coming year. But what do short and long-term growth forecasts mean for the country’s fixed income market?

25 Sept 2015

Interview with Jack Deino: Current risk and opportunities to investing in Mexican credit

Jack Deino, independent emerging market investor explains how the fall in oil price and weakened peso has been reflected in Mexican bond pricing and performance. View the full interview.

7 Sept 2015

CFO Perspective: Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, CFO at Gas Natural Mexico

With the creation of laws last year that make it easier for foreign companies to export gas to Mexico and drilling expansion in Texas sending exports skyrocketing, Mexico is currently in the midst of a gas infrastructure boom. This has also resulted in an increased appetite for long-term investment in the region’s energy infrastructure. We spoke with Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, CFO at Gas Natural…

4 Sept 2015

CFO Perspective: Martha Rodríguez Rico, CFO at Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua

Having recently successfully completed the refinancing of Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua’s bank debt we sat down with the company’s CFO Martha Rodríguez Rico to discuss how the deal helped improve the cement specialist’s financial flexibility, and how companies can find the right balance between different debt capital instruments.

4 Sept 2015

Interview with Marisol Vázquez-Mellado: Syndicated loan market vs the bond market

This week Marisol Vázquez-Mellado Mollón, CFO at Grupo Kuo, discusses why they chose the syndicated loan market for their recent transaction and forecasts Mexico’s GDP growth projects for the next 12-24 months.

21 Aug 2015

Interview with Rodolfo Campos, Treasurer at PEMEX

In this interview, Rodolfo Campos, Treasurer at PEMEX, explains the thought process behind their recent bond issuance and discusses his country's GDP growth projections.

21 Aug 2015

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