Will Mexico tow the US Fed’s line?

The Mexican Central Bank, Banco de Mexico, has already surprised markets with an interest rate hike this year. With a weakening peso and looming US Federal Reserve Policy meeting in June, followed by a Banco de Mexico policy meeting shortly afterwards, there is a possibility that Mexico could again raise interest rates.

20 May 2016

Rouble, Peso differ on oil despite commodity rally

The performance of the Mexican peso has differed from that of Russia’s rouble, despite both being tied to oil prices. External factors not applicable to Russia have weighed on Mexico’s currency, but despite the weaker peso, the country still has strong underlying fundamentals.

18 May 2016

Mexico’s Sigma taps Eurobond market

The Mexican frozen food company Sigma has become the first high grade Latin American corporate to tap the international capital markets this year.

26 Apr 2016

Cemex issues cross border bond

Cemex has issued a cross border bond.

17 Mar 2016

America Movil hits the market with Euro denominated bond

Mexican corporates have and are continuing to successfully tap the international capital markets. The reason for their success in attracting investment when compared to other corporates in neighbouring Latin American countries lies in the relative resilience of the Mexican economy, not just in the region but compared to the majority of emerging markets globally.

9 Mar 2016

Mexico looking to PPPs for infrastructure funding

After heavy budget cuts, Mexican infrastructure projects are looking likely to get a boost from public-private partnerships (PPPs) as the country looks for new models to fund its ambitious infrastructure pipeline at a time when market conditions in the region remain precarious.

4 Mar 2016

Mexico taps international debt markets with dual-tranche Eurobond

Mexico has issued yet another Eurobond. The country’s bonds are likely to perform well as a result of its favourable position in comparison with many of its Latin American peers, resulting from its close ties with the US.

19 Feb 2016

Mexico surprises with rate rise, dollar sell-off

The Mexican central bank raised interest rates alongside a selloff of dollars in the foreign exchange market in an effort to shore up the strength of the peso. But are the moves are likely to convince international holders of Mexico’s foreign debt to maintain their positions?

19 Feb 2016

Mexico’s FEFA prices bond

Local bond issuances are seeing a revival in Mexico, one of the strongest emerging markets. But ultimately, currency volatility could determine the popularity of these bonds.

11 Feb 2016

Amid EM slowdown, Mexico stands out for bond investors

Emerging markets have suffered amid a Chinese economic slowdown, global commodity slump and US interest rate rises. Yields on EM bonds are rising and investors are pulling out of many markets. As an EM, Mexico is no exception. However, it is coping better than many of its EM cousins on the debt front.

3 Feb 2016

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