Brazil: The Foreign Investor Awaits

An influx of foreign investment following a long-awaited pensions reform is not a given, warns XPI's Zeina Latif.

6 Mar 2019

After Elections, Policy Uncertainty, Liquidity Concerns Weigh on Infrastructure Outlook in Americas

The dust is beginning to settle following one of the busiest election years in Latin America’s recent history, but concerns around policy reversals and a lack of sufficient liquidity in certain markets could mean infrastructure developers and investors focused on some of the region’s largest economies may not particularly like what they see. The early signs are worrying, to say the least.

1 Mar 2019

Votorantim Energia CFO: Uncertainty Now Punctuates Everyday Decision-Making

Bonds & Loans speaks with Raul Cadena, Chief Financial Officer of Votorantim Energia, about the company’s funding and M&A strategy for 2019, and value creation in Brazil’s growing electricity generation segment.

27 Feb 2019

The Latin American Political Landscape in 2019: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Americas Market Intelligence’s John Price takes stock of last year’s hectic election cycle in Latin America and looks more closely at the fortunes of some of the region’s key markets: Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.

19 Feb 2019

CASE STUDY: How the Suzano-Fibria Megamerger Was Financed

One of the biggest M&A deals in recent emerging market history, the Suzano-Fibria merger, saw a correspondingly complex and impressive financing scheme that involved a USD9bn syndication, split between a bridge loan and pre-export financing, which culminated in a billion-dollar bond issuance. The acquisition allowed to create a pulp giant with a 17% share of the global market.

13 Feb 2019

Brazil: The So-Called Libertarian Agenda

XPI's Zeina Latif compares Jair Bolsonaro to Brazil's past leaders - and sees a libertarian streak that, given the right approach, lift the economy out of the doldrums.

29 Jan 2019

Brazil: Beware of the Pitfalls Macron and Macri Could Not Navigate

As the new administration begins to enact its economic vision, Zeina Latif warns the Bolsonaro-appointed finance minister Paulo Guedes that a half-measure approach could undermine the fiscal rebalancing of Brazil.

24 Jan 2019

Brazil: Nothing Is as Simple as It Seems

For many in Brazil, the appointment of Sérgio Moro to the Ministry of Justice was a great move – particularly from a political standpoint. The judicial class, however, seems to be more critical. As ever, reality is likely to be found somewhere in between.

15 Jan 2019

Brazil SWOT Analysis: Cautious Optimism

A closer look at the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats influencing the investment and debt capital markets climate in Brazil.

28 Dec 2018

Brazil: The Key Word is Focus

Zeina Latif, Chief Economist for XPI, calls for the incumbent Bolsonaro administration to revise its economic priorities.

26 Dec 2018

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