Brazil: The Difference a Good Team Makes

There is no way to know for sure what shape the country would be in if Dilma were still president. An abyss would be a fitting image. Fending off the risk of a more prolonged crisis was an important conquest, and despite the still fragile economic situation, confidence, bit by bit, improves.

21 Jun 2018

Brazil: The Kids Aren’t Alright

Despite Finance Ministry’s efforts to clean up public accounts and reduce fiscal risk in the future, the strategy for fiscal adjustment, as with the spending cap, has been gradual. As a consequence, one could not discard the risk of creeping insolvency, which could threaten the recently secured economic stability.

15 Jun 2018

Brazil: Low Selic Rate is Here to Stay

Although the pause in the cuts has come ahead of expectations, the basic interest rate hit an unprecedented level and, this time, it is here to stay. Even if some part of the monetary loosening is temporary, likely to revert when inflation is converging to its goal, there is a good chance of the Selic rate not coming back up to two digits. A key condition for that is the approval of Social…

1 Jun 2018

Arezzo & Co CFO on Improving Consumer Sentiment in Brazil, and International Expansion

With consumer confidence once again on the rise in Brazil, Daniel Levy, CFO of Arezzo & Co. is optimistic about the company’s fortunes as the shoemaker looks to expand its footprint both within the country and abroad. We speak with Levy about the funding team’s core objectives and the company’s expansion efforts.

25 May 2018

Brazil: Understanding the Past Key to Building a Better Future

Brazil is still a teenager when it comes to the functioning of democratic institutions: a country that seeks a path to civility, but not without stumbling first.

16 May 2018

Nexa Resources CFO: “Brazilian economy has been a positive story, though it’s not homogenous”

Latin American miner Nexa Resources – which recently rebranded from Votorantim Metais – has in the past year completed its dual stock exchange listing, weathered a period of low commodity prices and mining sector strikes in Latin America, and maintained strong fundamentals to step confidently into the new financial year. We speak with Mario Bertoncini, the company’s Senior VP and CFO, about its…

9 May 2018

Banco Safra’s Chief Economist: High Taxes, Protectionism Still Driving the ‘Brazil Premium’

Carlos Kawall, the lead economist at one of Brazil’s most prominent banks, talks about the improving macro outlook for the country, burdensome tax and labour laws and the dark shadow of looming presidential elections.

3 May 2018

Brazil: Crossing the 6 Mark

We are in uncharted waters regarding the level of basic interest rate, continuing a series of cuts that is the longest in history. It is possible, however, to foresee even more reductions of the Selic, despite the various uncertainties that the Central Bank faces.

25 Apr 2018

Yes, Brazil Has an Agenda

Pre-candidates to the Presidency slowly reveal their vision about economic policies. As one might suspect, there is good and bad news.

11 Apr 2018

Brazil: The Economics of The Intervention in Rio

The federal public security intervention in Rio de Janeiro is one more example of the political perspicacity of the government leaders. In one fell swoop they managed to remove the monopoly on the public safety agenda of an important competitor, give a sign of strength to unfaithful allies, and put the opposition in the uncomfortable position of criticizing a measure with popular appeal.

26 Feb 2018

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