Temer Corruption Allegations Unlikely to Impact Recovery

Temer may be investigated on charges of corruption for activities that took place before he assumed the post of Presidency. However, the news itself is unlikely to impact the recovery in Brazil. It faces other problems in the form of banks’ unwillingness to lend, with the only likely driver of economic recovery coming in the form of Central Bank rate cuts in the near term.

30 Nov 2016

Brazil Woos Asian Capital as Spending Cap Moves a Step Closer

After a painful few years, Brazil is returning to the capital markets with a vengeance and the reforms pushed through by Temer’s administration are helping to shape the country’s improved investment climate.

31 Oct 2016

Brazil: Winds of Change

A chasm exists between society and politics, aggravated by the Lava Jato investigations. Politics and society are out of sync, which undermines the course changes needed for the economy to advance toward a progressive agenda. Nevertheless, there are reasons for some optimism.

20 Sept 2016

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