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Treasury View: Ihsan Fehmi Sözkesen, Albaraka Turk

Despite concerns over the country’s economy, Turkey stands out among other EMs as a market ready to benefit from the current upturn in emerging market sentiment. FDI forecasts are looking optimistic, the country has compelling fundamentals (including a young, dynamic population) and the local debt market is starting to heat up. We speak with Ihsan Fehmi Sözkesen, Senior Vice President, Head of…

9 Mar 2016

RAM ratings sees strong sukuk market for 2016

Despite a slowing global economy, RAM ratings expects sukuk issuance this year to remain high as the main Islamic financing hot spots look for additional capital to shore up their finances amid falling commodity prices, on which they have traditionally relied.

9 Mar 2016

America Movil hits the market with Euro denominated bond

Mexican corporates have and are continuing to successfully tap the international capital markets. The reason for their success in attracting investment when compared to other corporates in neighbouring Latin American countries lies in the relative resilience of the Mexican economy, not just in the region but compared to the majority of emerging markets globally.

9 Mar 2016

Brazil: Punishment in the right dose is healthy

The fiscal irresponsibility in recent years has not been limited to the federal government. The state and municipal governments have also disrespected the Fiscal Responsibility Law, if not directly, at least its spirit, often with the help of the National Treasury. The bill has now come due and the state governments are pressuring the central government for some relief. Missteps can aggravate the…

8 Mar 2016

Qatar looks abroad for foreign funding

Qatar is looking to borrow heavily from the international capital markets as it attempts to service a large deficit. Although the country is in better financial shape than most of its neighbours in the Gulf region, the country’s growing exposure to high levels of debt could become a concern.

8 Mar 2016

Bahrain’s long term credit ‘junked’ by Moody’s

Bahrain’s credit rating has taken another hit from a ratings agency as the country faces slimming revenues from falling commodity prices, combined with increasingly high exposure to rising debt levels.

8 Mar 2016

Emirates Global Aluminium Forges US$4.9bn Syndicated Loan

Emirates Global Aluminium’s (EGA) US$4.9bn 7-year syndicated facility was executed amidst tightening regional liquidity and emerging market turmoil, but which nevertheless secured aggressive pricing and participation from a wide group of investors.

7 Mar 2016

M&M Financial Services looks to tap local debt market

M&M Financial Services has received high ratings on its proposed debt issuance. The reason for the high ratings is linked to the stability and strong fiscal position of its parent company, Mahindra & Mahindra.

7 Mar 2016

South Africa testing appetite for debt

South Africa’s Treasury is heading out on a non-deal roadshow to test investor appetite for a sovereign bond to stabilise its economy as the country tries to avoid a sovereign downgrade.

7 Mar 2016

GCC under increasing pressure to diversify

The GCC region has heavily felt the pinch from low oil prices. High currency reserves and general low indebtedness mean that some of the GCC’s economies can survive in the medium term through debt issuances, but there will come a point when their economies will have to diversify.

7 Mar 2016