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Market Digest: Middle East

What is the key driver behind the decision to issue bonds, loans or sukuk? And are interest rates likely to rise or stay the same? Ahead of our Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East conference in Dubai in June, we carried out a survey with leading CFO’s to take measure of the market and gather their opinions on some of the key issues that will be discussed at this year’s conference. Download the…

20 Mar 2015

Investor Perspectives: Sonya Dilova,from F&C Investments

Following the kick start of the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme at the start of the year, Sonya Dilova,Emerging Markets Corporate Fund Manager, F&C Investments, explains why she believes interest rates are likely to remain low in Europe for some time. She also predicts whether we can expect a net-increase in issuance from oil-exporting countries as their revenues decrease.…

20 Mar 2015

Investor perspectives: Hannes Boller, Fisch Asset Management

Continuing our series of interviews with Emerging Market investors, this week Hannes Boller, Senior Portfolio Manager, Fisch Asset Management, gives his prediction on whether the pick up in US growth and strengthening dollar is a threat to Emerging Market bonds and analyses which countries have gained an advantage from the fall in oil prices.

13 Mar 2015

Case study: Huseyin Arslan discusses YDA Group's TL 200 million bond issuance

In December 2014, YDA Group issued their first three-year bond dominated in Turkish Lira by closing a TL 200 million bond. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) subscribed to TL40 million of the bond, which marked the first time the bank had particpated in a local-currency bond by a Turkish company outside of the banking sector. Huseyin Arslan, Co-Founder and Chairman of…

13 Mar 2015

Investor Perspectives: Brigitte Posch and Ricardo Adrogué, Babson Capital

In the next edition of our series of interviews with Emerging Market investors, we ask Brigitte Posch, Head of Emerging Markets Corporates and Ricardo Adrogué, Head of Emerging Markets Debt at Babson Capital for their opinion on how the fall in oil prices will affect Emerging Market fixed income and where they currently see opportunities in the market.

6 Mar 2015

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