[SPANISH] VIDEO: Interview Juan Jose Echavarria, President, Colombian Central Bank

Bonds and Loans spoke with Juan Jose Echavarria, the president Colombia’s Central Bank, during de Bonds and Loans and Derivatives Conference Andes 2017, about the primary drivers of the country's economy and the growth outlook for Latin America.

Mar 30, 2017 // 2:45PM

Echavarria talks about the peace agreements, inflation, importance of an independent Central Bank and economic and political risk the region is facing in 2017.


Bonds and Loans conversó con Juan Jose Echavarría, presidente del Banco Central de Colombia, en la Conferencia de Bonds and Loans and Derivatives Andes 2017, sobre los principales motores de la economía colombiana y los prospectos de crecimiento de América Latina.

Echavarría habló sobre los acuerdos de paz, la inflación, la importancia de bancos centrales independientes y los riesgos que enfrenta la región en el 2017.

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