Turkey’s macroeconomics vs. financial markets: How are rates, FX, trade and politics impacting Turkish borrowers’ access to the markets?

Broadcast on Nov 11, 2020 from Livestream: Bonds & Loans Turkey Virtual: Macroeconomics vs. Financial Markets in partnership with Fitch Ratings


  • FX, rates, trade, and policy: How are they impacting Turkey’s economic performance?
  • Ratings and capital markets: What is the outlook for sovereign, banks and corporates’ ratings and how is this impacting access to the markets?
  • Buy, sell or hold: What is investor sentiment for Turkish credit? Who can access the market and at what price?
  • Bonds vs. loans, USD vs. TRY: What are the short and medium term impacts on Turkish spreads?
  • Transition and ESG: Can social and sustainable bonds offer an alternative route to access new pools of capital?
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