How are banks underwriting and syndicating loans in the new environment of low interest rates, low oil price and COVID-influenced liquidity?

Broadcast on Mar 3, 2021

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  • How are historically low interest rates and tight pricing in the capital markets impacting the way banks (approach) lending?
  • Who are the lenders ready to put money on the table in Russia? Have global banks retrenched/re-regionalised towards their home markets?
  • Future of LIBOR and impact on bank liquidity and risk-free lending?
  • Public vs. private sector: Where are banks’ sweet-spots?
  • Underwriting to distribute in Russia: Selling down loans under Russian LMA
  • Project finance factory: What are the opportunities for commercial banks?




Managing Director, Head of Syndications and Structuring

Managing Director, Head of CEEMEA Loan Origination

Deputy Chairman

Director, Loan Capital Markets