Green vs. Vanilla: Pricing vs. ROI – How do they stack up?

Broadcast on Oct 6, 2020 from Livestream: ESG & Capital Markets Africa 2020 - Virtual Conference

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Green vs. Vanilla: Pricing vs. ROI – How do they stack up?

  • USD vs. local currency, green vs. vanilla: How does pricing for a USD denominated green transaction compare to vanilla? How does this change when looking at local currency?
  • With green transactions requiring more work than vanilla, how does this translate in terms of ROI? Is the ROI and/or benefit of green worth it?
  • Short term pain to achieve long term gain: Do the long-term investment benefits outweigh (sometimes) frequent upfront costs?
  • Pricing up alternatives for green products: What products other than debt are offered under the “green umbrella”? How do they price in comparison?


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