How are deals being priced for borrowers negotiating and renegotiating debt?

Broadcast on May 20, 2021

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  • Assessing the Mexican yield curve: How will the wall of maturities affect market liquidity for Q4 2021? Who can borrow and at what price?
  • Cost of funding: How has the pandemic affected spreads? Is it preferable for borrowers to access peso or dollar funding, depending on the tenor?
  • Bonds vs. loans: Where are international banks seeing more appetite to renegotiate debt?
  • How does the pricing compare in the market for maturing loans? How early should companies start to negotiate 2022 maturity terms with banks?


Chief Executive Officer


Head of Syndicated Loans, Americas

Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income Capital Markets, Latin America

Managing Director, Emerging Markets Corporate Research

Head of Investor Relations