Andes’ transport and social development infrastructure (Healthcare, Sanitation, Housing): Who is investing and what role are bankers & infrastructure companies playing to finance these projects?

Broadcast on Apr 27, 2021

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  • Mini-perm funding vs. long tenors: What structures are available to finance transport projects during a pandemic?
  • To what extent are project sponsors and international banks expected to access the capital markets to fund the region’s 4 and 5G programmes?
  • Toll roads versus airport concessions: Where do investors and project sponsors see most potential for investment in 2021/22?
  • Which sanitation projects are coming to fruition this year, and how will they be financed?
  • What criteria do international banks focus on when selecting a social infrastructure project to finance? Where do use of proceeds rank on the scale?
  • Hospital and educational infrastructure: Are they specific sectors which have gained more traction to be financed as a result of COVID-19?
  • Lima Airport expansion: Updates and next steps


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