Understanding next steps in developing the CFA and Congolese franc bond markets

Broadcast on Mar 24, 2021 from Livestream: Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Francophone Africa 2021 Virtual

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  • What are the next steps to encourage a wider pool of issuers? What can potential issuers learn from the success of sovereign offerings?
  • Understanding how to withstand FX volatility of the Congolese franc
  • How are Francophone African borrowers’ ability to source funds changing? What are the strategies to access cross-border financing?
  • What do international investors need to see in the local currency markets to unlock more investment into Francophone Africa?
  • Understanding which players are key to opening up the secondary market and how this can help boost investment into the region


Head of Africa Strategy; FX, Rates and Credit Research


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Head of Investments, Senegal