Where do investors see value in the Russian credit markets?

Broadcast on Mar 3, 2021

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  • How are investors generating positive real returns given historic lows in interest rates? Where are they finding value?
  • Investment grade vs. high yield bonds yields: Are economic fundamentals being properly reflected by yields? Where are spreads headed?
  • What is driving investor demand for Russian corporate bonds? What is preventing an investor love-affair with Russian FI bonds?
  • Roubles and investors: What will attract international investors back to the rouble bond markets? How much of a drawback is market illiquidity?


Managing Director, Head of Corporate Ratings, EMEA


Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Director, Emerging Markets Corporate Credit Research

Functional Head of Emerging Markets Corporates

Senior Vice President, Credit Strategy and Emerging Market Research

Managing Director

Senior Portfolio Manager and Economist, Emerging Markets Debt