How has the make-up of economic, commodity and political risk facing Russia evolved since the outbreak of COVID-19? (in Russian)

Broadcast on Mar 3, 2021

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  • What has changed in 12 months: From economic fundamentals to its impact on financial markets and credit spreads
  • OPEC+ and oil price uncertainty: Where will oil price stabilise? How does the oil price impact Russia and the oilers?
  • Geopolitics, Biden, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan: What does the world look like to Russia today versus 12 months earlier, and what impact does this have on the economic outlook?
  • Monetary policy in and out of Russia: Where will Russia set base rates?


Head of Research and Strategy


Chairman of the Committee on Financial Markets of The State Duma and Chairman of the Council of The Association of Banks of Russia

Head of Treasury and Risk Management

Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Co-owner and First Deputy CEO