VIDEO: Philip John, Emirates Islamic Bank

Philip John, Head of Treasury and Markets, Emirates Islamic Bank, explains why they decided to issue Sukuk and why specifically RegS.

29 Sept 2016

VIDEO: Pascal Martese and Yousef Al Zuhair, ACWA Power and Kurram Saleem, Standard Chartered Bank

Pascal Martese, Executive Director, Acquisitions and Project Finance, Investments, Yousef Al Zuhair, Senior Manager Business Development, ACWA Power and Kurram Saleem, Standard Chartered bank outline the key objectives of the Ibri/Sohar3 IPP (Ad Dhahirah Generating Company (Ibri)/Shinas Generatign Company (Sohar 3)) USD1.375bn USD/OMR 17-year Limited Recourse Project Finance.

29 Sept 2016

VIDEO: Bonds & Loans Interview: Rajesh Garg, Landmark Group

Rajesh Garg, Chief Operating Officer, Landmark Group, explains how their USD131m 12.5 year ECA-backed financing facility will help to support their business

29 Sept 2016

VIDEO: Zahir Al Wahaibi, Petroleum Development Oman

Zahir Al Wahaibi, Chief Accountant and Head of Shareholder Reporting, Petroleum Development Oman, discusses the strategy behind their US$4bn Senior Secured Pre-Export Term Loan Facility.

29 Sept 2016

VIDEO: Samer Jumean, Emirates Global Aluminium

Samer Jumean, Head of Financing and Capital Markets at Emirates Global Aluminium discusses the syndication strategy taken on the company's landmark US$4.9bn 7-year syndicated facility (February 2016).

16 Sept 2016

VIDEO: Bonds & Loans Interview: Donal Breen, OSN and Walid Amri, Mashreqbank

Donal Breen, Chief Financial Officer at OSN and Walid Amri, Director of Corporate Finance at Mashreqbank dive into the strategy that helped drive the company's US$400m 5-year syndicated loan to a successful close.

16 Sept 2016

VIDEO: Vernon Budinger, CEO and CIO, from Latin America Structured Finance Advisors

Vernon discusses the extent to which structured finance can help Brazilian companies to access capital, as well as how asset backed securities in Brazil differ from those in other Latin American countries.

9 Sept 2016

VIDEO: Wilbur Matthews, CEO and CIO, from Vaquero Global Investment

Wilbur discusses how the performance of Brazil’s debt markets have shifted over the past year.

14 Aug 2016

VIDEO: Neil Shearing, Chief Emerging Markets Economist, Capital Economics

Neil speaks about the difficulties the Brazilian economy faced over the last couple of years, and what could be done to improve the country's fiscal outlook amid the current economic crisis.

3 Jun 2016

VIDEO: Marcos Meireles, CEO, Rio Energy

Marcos talks about whether the project developers in the renewable energy sector are looking to raise capital for ventures in Brazil.

2 Jun 2016

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