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CFO Insights

What Other CFOs Can Learn from SimpleFinance’s Eurobond Debut

Your first time is always the most challenging, but Russia’s SimpleFinance seemed to pull off its debut Eurobond transaction – a US$30mn 3-year trade – without a hitch. Bonds & Loans speaks with Campbell Bethwaite, Managing Partner of Finteca, SimpleFinance’s parent company, about the strategy behind the transaction and the outlook for other Russian corporates looking to raise debt this year.

3 Jul 2017

Olam Africa, Middle East CFO: Challenging Times, Huge Growth Opportunities in Agribusiness

A number of African economies this year were hit with turbulent commodity prices and severe drought, weighing on the outlook for the region’s agricultural industry. In a region that focuses so strongly on food security, never has there been more impetus on delivering new efficiencies to the agribusiness sector.

31 May 2017

Off the Record: GCC CFOs and Treasurers See Big Changes in 2017

Many column inches have been filled with talk of low oil prices, liquidity, and budget deficits in the GCC, but how are these challenges affecting borrowers? Bonds & Loans spoke to more than 20 CFOs and Treasurers at GFC Media Group’s Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East Conference in Dubai to get a sense of how their funding strategies have evolved against this backdrop.

24 May 2017

Chile: An Emerging Market Faces Developed Market Challenges

Chile is forecasting slower than anticipated growth throughout 2017 as the country makes its way towards fresh elections in November. How is the slowdown affecting the banking sector and investor perceptions of Chile? We speak with Emiliano Muratore, CFO at Banco Santander-Chile for more on this and the bank’s fundraising strategy.

21 Apr 2017

As Chilean Economy Cools, Corporates Target Hedging

Managing the financing strategy for any company, whether a large multinational or small start-up, is challenging during the best of times, and when an economy slumps, most CFOs will tell you that how you come out during an upturn largely depends on how you position yourself before the downturn.

19 Apr 2017

Oman Shipping Company CFO Charts Course for Successful Financial Management During a Downturn

Managing the financing strategy of a large commodity-linked enterprise like Oman Shipping Company is challenging enough during the best of times. We speak with Venugopal Venkatesh, CFO at Oman Shipping Company about one of the company’s recent landmark transactions, and about how he would advise other CFOs managing their treasury strategies during an economic downturn.

7 Apr 2017

Access Bank CFO Seyi Kumapayi on Managing Risk in a Tough Market

Nigeria’s economy was hit hard in 2016 as the naira tumbled and revenues from oil imports dwindled, the result of a dramatic shift in monetary policy and persistently low oil prices, respectively. We speak with Access Bank CFO Seyi Kumapayi about the bank’s landmark bond sale in this challenging landscape.

25 Jan 2017

Interview with Phisanu Sermchaiwong, CFO, EQUATE

Against a backdrop of severe emerging market volatility and depressed oil prices, EQUATE’s acquisition of MEGlobal was a major milestone for the company, and will help solidify its global presence and leadership in the global petrochemicals industry. Financed by a well-structured and competitively priced US$6bn bridge acquisition facility, which was awarded the Syndicated Loan Deal of the Year…

16 Jan 2017

With Political Volatility on the Rise, South Africa’s DCM Prospects Remain Challenged

The past year has not been kind to South Africa, with a recent reprieve from a sovereign credit rating downgrade one of the few pieces of good news to greet analysts, the country’s treasurers, CFOs and capital markets professionals. Despite a brief upswing in activity through Q4, there are reasons to suspect the DCM outlook remains challenged to say the least.

12 Jan 2017

Interview with Carlos Alberto Rodríguez López, CFO, ISA

In the run-up to the Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Andes 2017 conference, we asked Carlos Alberto Rodríguez López, Chief Financial Officer, ISA, how is the company financing its business expansion outside its home market and what would be the single most important challenge for the Andean economies in 2017.

6 Jan 2017

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