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Russia & CIS

Emerging market borrowing costs hit 5 year high

Investors warned that emerging markets could face a new credit crunch with borrowing costs reaching their highest levels in five years.

26 Jan 2016

Russia’s oil giants diverge in the bond market

With oil now priced at less than US$30 per barrel, its lowest level in decades, one may be forgiven for assuming the bonds of oil-producing companies would be performing similarly poorly. In Russia however, the bonds of two oil giants are diverging.

19 Jan 2016

Is Russia selling its crown jewels?

In this article, Michael Ballauf, Analyst, Credit Research, Raiffeisen Bank International AG discusses how Russia's privatisation plan could benefit the Russian banking sector.

15 Jan 2016

Case Study: A Benchmark For Russian FIs

As the first public offering of benchmark Eurobonds in the primary market among Russian financial institutions, Alfa Bank’s US$500mn bond issuance was a standout in the Russian market after sanctions and a recession forced investors and issuers into narrower windows through which to chase yields and close deals. In this article, we reviewed the deal and spoke with Michael Lawrence, Head of…

15 Jan 2016

Societe Generale sees a future in Russia

Societe Generale has hinted that investors should look to increase their shares in emerging market assets. Emerging markets had a tough 2015, with a bleak growth outlook for this year, just up 0.5% to 4.9% according to Goldman Sachs’ regional GDP forecasts for 2016.

13 Jan 2016

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