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Russia & CIS

VIDEO: Interview with Konstantin Vyshkovsky, Director of the Public Debt, MinFin, Russia

Bonds & Loans interviewed Konstantin Vyshkovsky, Director of the Public Debt and State Financial Assets Department, Finance Ministry, Russia, to discuss the more prominent developments in the country’s debt markets

4 Apr 2017

VIDEO: Interview with Oleg Dzhus, Member of the Board and Head of Treasury at Banca Intesa, Russia

Bonds & Loans interviewed Oleg Dzhus, Member of the Board and Head of Treasury at Banca Intesa, Russia, to discuss the current outlook for Central Bank rates and what the expectations on the Central Bank’s monetary policy are for the coming year.

29 Mar 2017

VIDEO: Interview with Michael Dunning, Head of Corporate Ratings, EMEA, Fitch Ratings

Bonds & Loans spoke with Michael Dunning, Regional Head of Analytics Group in EMEA Region for Fitch, about the success of Russia's macro outlook for 2017, the success of the banking sector clean-up and the prospects of the rouble.

22 Mar 2017

VIDEO: Interview with Richard Segal, Senior Emerging Markets Credit Analyst, Manulife AM

Bonds & Loans spoke with Richard Segal, Senior Emerging Markets Credit Analyst at Manulife Asset Management to get his take on what's driving the Russian credit market, and which sectors he thinks look most likely to generate deals.

21 Mar 2017

Interview with Andrey Bush: “Strong Liquidity Will Drive Growth in Russian Corporate Debt”

While at the annual Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Russia conference, Bonds & Loans interviewed Andrey Bush, Head of Capital Markets Division at the Russian investment firm IFC Solid, to discuss the key trends investors in Russian debt capital markets need to watch out for, drivers of growth in the Russian economy - and the potential “Black Swans”.

15 Mar 2017

Belarus Stuck Between Russia and a Hard Place as Recession Escalates

As Belarus’ economic woes intensify, the annual bargaining with Russia over gas price threatens to escalate tensions and potentially undermine the Eastern European country’s economy.

13 Feb 2017

Mixed Signals from the US and Europe Keep Russia in Sanctions Limbo

Lack of unity on the US government’s future policy towards Russia, coupled with similar divisions growing in the EU, complicate Russian risk and leave an air of uncertainty hanging over increasingly attractive Russian credit.

17 Jan 2017

Doubts Cast Over Rosneft Deal as Banco Intesa Denies Funding Role

The Russian oil giant’s initial announcement of a privatization deal involving Swiss oil giant Glencore and the Qatari Investment Authority was deemed a huge success for CEO Igor Sechin and the Kremlin. But contradictory statements that followed from various participants in the deal and the generally opaque nature of the transaction left behind a lot of loose threads.

22 Dec 2016

Volatility Subsides but Hedging Products Still on the Menu in Russia

Peering two years back in time, the Russian economy today is barely recognisable. As the recession eases and volatility subsides the fortunes of the country’s corporates continue to improve, and the country’s banks look to new avenues to boost profits and keep margins at attractive levels

21 Dec 2016

Ukraine’s “Too Big To Fail” PrivatBank Nationalized, Beckoning Bail-In Questions

Ukraine’s largest lender PrivatBank is to be taken over by the government as liquidity woes threaten client savings. Among other things, the move raises questions about implementation of the Basel III bail-in measures embedded in the bank’s securities.

20 Dec 2016

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