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Russia & CIS

#BondsLoans24 - Belarus: How does the government plan to navigate its way back towards its economic vision

Belarus’ Deputy Minister of Finance, Andrei Belkovets, speaks about his country’s economy, investment plans and approach to financing

13 Jul 2020

Russia & CIS Policy & Government CFO Insights

#BondsLoans24 - Responding to COVID-19: How are Russian companies adapting to the new reality?

Mikhail Sychev (Gazprom Neft), Rostislav Rozbitskiy (EVRAZ), Ruslan Karmanny (Eurochem) speak to Alex Griffiths (Fitch Ratings) about their approach to fund raising post-COVID-19

13 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - Economic backdrop vs. investor demand: How to price Russian risk in June 2020

Investors: Ravil Yusipov (TransFinGroup), Richard Segal (Manulife), Alexey Tretyakov (Aricapital Asset Management), Florian Boehringer (Vontobel Asset Management) speak to Pavel Isaev (Gazprombank) about how to price Russian risk.

8 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - Russia: How is the Government managing financing needs through COVID-19?

Russia’s Director of Public Debt, Konstantin Vyshkovsky, speaks about his country’s economy, prospects for GDP growth, investment plans and funding strategies.

8 Jul 2020

#BondsLoans24 - How is Uzbekistan responding to market turbulence to continue attracting investment?

Uzbekistan’s Deputy Finance Minister, Odilbek Isakov, outlines his country’s economic and financial response to COVID-19 detailing government policies and initiatives.

8 Jul 2020

Financing During the Coronavirus Crisis: Lessons from an Investment-Grade Emerging Market Issuer

Coronavirus presented global businesses with several challenges – from enhanced safety protocols to supply chain disruptions and everything in between. However, while many market stakeholders predicted issues with attracting new funding, investment-grade companies have managed to largely overcome them.

30 Jun 2020

IMF Green-Lights USD5bn Standby Arrangement for Ukraine, a Key Milestone Amidst a Long-Awaited Turnaround

The IMF has approved a USD5bn funding programme with Ukraine following the passage of a series of reforms aimed at the country’s banking and agricultural sectors, an important milestone in the country’s bid to regain a strong economic footing after years of turbulence.

10 Jun 2020

CASE STUDY: Lukoil Cuts Through Turbulence and Dysfunctional Oil Market with USD1.5bn Bond Issuance

In spite of the turmoil seen in credit and oil markets in recent months, Lukoil, one of the largest publicly traded oil & gas companies in the world with operations in over 30 countries, was able to issue a competitively-priced USD1.5bn benchmark Regs/144a bond.

15 May 2020

Ukraine Finally Passes Banking Reforms, Clearing a Path for IMF Bailout

Ukraine passed an amendment to its banking rules this week that would prevent insolvent banks from being returned to their previous owners, potentially unlocking billions of dollars in support from the IMF and other multilateral institutions.

14 May 2020

Foreign Investors Flock Back into Government Bonds as Russia’s Central Bank Ponders Rate Cut

Though down from the levels seen in early March, the share of foreign investors in Russian sovereign bonds stayed above 30% as juicy yields, calming global markets and a dovish outlook at the CBR attracted foreign buyers.

20 Apr 2020

Excessive Dollarization, Concentration of Loans to State-Owned Enterprises Key Risks for Uzbek Lenders as Privatisations Loom

Concerns over excessive dollarization and a high concentration of loans to state-owned enterprises, many of which were offered at preferential rates, could weigh on Uzbekistan’s banking sector and throw privatisations into question in the face of record global market turbulence.

16 Apr 2020

Eurochem Scraps Eurobond in Favour of New Rouble-Denominated Issuance

The company was forced to pull its latest international bond issuance after a roadshow in London as market sentiment deteriorated rapidly, and is now seeking to tap the rouble market instead.

14 Apr 2020

Sovcombank Launches Debt Buyback, Signalling Broader Shift to Liability Management as Sector Outlook Dims

One of Russia’s largest lenders joins a growing list of banks carrying out liability management exercises amid growing pressure on the sector from the COVID-19 pandemic, as Fitch Ratings shifts sector outlook to negative.

8 Apr 2020

Russian Regions Squeezed by Rising Borrowing Needs, Soaring Debt Costs

Over the past two years the sub-sovereign bond market has been largely stagnant, but as budgetary constraints force regional issuers to tap the bond markets, rising costs of debt will act as an impediment.

8 Apr 2020

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