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Financing Infrastructure Development is Core to Colombia and Peru’s Growth Agenda

Large-scale transport and infrastructure development programmes across Peru and Colombia are bringing crucial projects to the region, creating jobs and introducing innovative, complex financing models to countries that in the past failed to exploit the full potential of international capital markets.

8 Feb 2017

Sustainability Drive Sparks Green Bond Interest Across South, Central America

Sustainable energy and infrastructure projects across South and Central America are attracting attention from investors, but the outlook is challenged due to a lack of awareness on the ground.

27 Jan 2017

LatAm Dollar Pipeline Swells but Local Currency Deal Outlook Uncertain

Emerging market debt took a significant hit after the surprising victory of Donald Trump last November, which was followed by a US interest rate hike weeks later. Concern over the President-Elect’s protectionist policies provoked capital outflows and a significant spike in borrowing costs for US-linked EMs, freezing almost US$10bn worth bonds that were supposed to be issued by Latin American…

12 Jan 2017

With PPK at the Helm, All Eyes on Peruvian Projects

With a new government in charge, hopes are high for a rebound in the infrastructure pipeline

1 Jan 2017

ECAs Increasingly Central to Financing the Andean Infrastructure Pipeline

New projects and opportunities continue to attract a broad range of lenders and investors to places like Colombia and Peru, with the next wave of 4G infrastructure projects in the case of the former and revitalization of investment authority ProInversion in the case of the latter catalyzing the region’s project pipeline.

19 Dec 2016

Strength of Andean Economies Drives Investors to Corporate Debt

Unlike other metals, copper prices have stayed around their January lows, which have led Chile’s Codelco to lower its output. This is unlikely to impact copper prices much, as other Andean countries are ramping up exports of the commodity. The weaker fiscal position of Codelco is actually attracting investment, however, as the assets of Andean nations such as Chile and Peru do not offer…

7 Nov 2016

CASE STUDY: Peru’s Local-Currency Bond Sees Appetite from International Investors

On September 29, 2016, the Republic of Peru successfully executed a highly successful record-setting ‘tender/switch’ liability management (LM) and new issue transaction. The new deal allowed Peru to establish a new liquid 12-year local-currency benchmark as well as reduce the country’s US dollar-denominated debt exposure – an aim of the government’s on expectations of a US rate hike either by the…

28 Oct 2016

Going local will help Peru attract foreign investors

Peru plans to exchange dollar-denominated debts for sol-denominated equivalents in expectations of the Fed raising rates in the near future. The decision is seen as a welcome move amongst international investors, and will benefit both Peru and the investment community by providing a longer maturity curve in local-currency debt.

15 Sep 2016

Peruvian elections unlikely to offer significant new investment opportunities

Regardless of which candidate wins the elections in Peru, the market friendly sentiment across the country is likely to remain. Significant investment opportunities are unlikely to present themselves once political activity has quietened, but smaller opportunities for international investors will remain if the country is able to maintain its level of growth amid lower commodity prices.

7 Jun 2016

BBH: Reasoned optimism for debt in post-election Peru

Analysts at BBH, a New York-based investment house, see many reasons to be optimistic about Peru’s economy following the first round of elections which took place in the Latin American country this week.

13 Apr 2016

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