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Middle East

Interview with Sherif Magdy El Gabaly: Investing in Egypt

Sherif Magdy El Gabaly, Chief Executive Officer, E~NARA Energy and Industrial Investment, outlines upcoming projects coming online in Egypt and shares his views on whether Egypt can attract sponsorship from international investors.

21 Jun 2015

How to lend to India: Opportunities and challenges for investors

What is attracting so many investors to India? And how has their economy changed over the last 5 years? A speaker at our recent Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East conference, Dharnendra Kothari, Head of Fixed Income and Capital Markets, Doha Bank, explains why India has become so attractive to investors and where the greatest opportunities lie.

18 Jun 2015

Financing retirement plans and insurance: Panel summary by Michael Grifferty

Last week, Gulf Bond and Sukuk Association (GBSA) President Michael Grifferty, chaired a panel at our Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East conference. The panel examined issues around employee savings and the idea of improving social protection while stimulating the regional capital markets. Read his summary of the main points below.

12 Jun 2015

Oxford style debate: Are premiums on GCC bonds/sukuk justified?

Compared with other non-GCC emerging market issuers, GCC issuers pay a premium when issuing bonds and/or sukuk – and this is despite a strong local bid which supports the markets during a market downturn. Why? Following on from last year’s debate, this year’s rematch brought investors and issuers head-to-head again to debate whether this pricing premium is justified or not.

12 Jun 2015

Moderators at Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East speak about the event next week

Just a week before the event, we interviewed some of our moderators at Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East. They shared their opinions on some of the areas they will focus on during the conference and some personal opinions on the industry.

25 May 2015

Market Digest: Middle East

What is the key driver behind the decision to issue bonds, loans or sukuk? And are interest rates likely to rise or stay the same? Ahead of our Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East conference in Dubai in June, we carried out a survey with leading CFO’s to take measure of the market and gather their opinions on some of the key issues that will be discussed at this year’s conference. Download the…

20 Mar 2015

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