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Latin America

VIDEO: Interview with Pablo Miedziak, CFO, Aerolineas Argentinas S.A

At the Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Argentina conference, Bonds & Loans interviewed Pablo Miedziak, CFO, Aerolineas Argentinas S.A., to discuss his outlook for Argentina’s aviation sector and Aerolineas Argentinas major strategic initiatives for 2017.

20 Dec 2016

Nurturing the growth of Mexico’s SMEs

Following the introduction of a number of economic and sectoral reforms across Mexico, development banks are playing an important role in enabling the growth operations of SMEs. We speak to Pedro Guerra, CFO at state development bank Nacional Financiera on how the bank sources funding and how it assists in financing the increasing number of Mexican SMEs.

21 Sep 2016

CFO View: Rodrigo Guzman, CFO, Mexichem - Extracting Capital from Commodities

Although Mexico’s economy is now less reliant on commodity prices than in the past, revenues from the sector do still make up a sizeable proportion of the country’s GDP. We speak to Rodrigo Guzman, CFO, Mexichem about the company’s future projects and funding opportunities for the petrochemicals sector amid the new economic realities.

12 Sep 2016

Edgar Maldonado, CFO Acosta Verde - Building on Real Estate Growth

Mexico’s Real Estate Sector is on the rise. Edgar Rene Maldonado de los Reyes, Chief Financial Officer at Acosta Verde discusses what factors have enabled the sector’s growth and which external factors could cause clouds to form on the horizon.

8 Sep 2016

Ricardo Duenas Espriu, CFO, GACM - Financing Mexico's New Airport

The development of Mexico City’s new airport is well under way. The size of the project is matched by its cost, which needs to be funded through infrastructure investments that are not without their risks. We speak to Ricardo Duenas Espriu, CFO at GACM about the intricacies of the project’s funding.

5 Sep 2016

Fibra Uno CFO Gerardo Vargas on Driving Investment in the Real Estate Sector

With long term growth prospects in the country remaining strong, Mexico’s commercial real estate sector is expected to benefit from increased demand and a boost in capital availability. We speak with Gerardo Vargas, Chief Financial Officer at Fibra Uno about how the company plans to grow its portfolio and adjust its funding strategy to emerging risk factors.

26 Aug 2016

Juan Pablo Newman, CFO, Pemex - Energy Reforms Open Up New Black-Gold Rush

The energy reforms which are currently under implementation are likely to spur private investment in the oil & gas sector in the near-term. We speak with Juan Pablo Newman, CFO, Pemex, about what benefits the reforms will bring to the company, where the oil giant is looking for funding going forward and what risks could be present in the years ahead.

26 Aug 2016

CFO View: Claudio Chamorro, Parque Arauco

Claudio Chamorro currently serves as Chief Financial Officer at Parque Arauco. He previously served as Director of Studies and Financial Analysis of the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, Chile. He has served as both Market Risk Manager, and later CFO, of Banco CorpBanca, Chile’s third largest bank, and served as Corporate Development Manager at Corpgroup, leading M&A, bond and…

30 Jun 2016

VIDEO: Carlos Adati, CFO, Seara Agronegocios

Carlos speaks about, what Seara Agronegocios's growth strategy is over the coming financial year as well as the financing options available to Brazilian corporates connected to the commodity sector.

1 Jun 2016

CFO Perspective: Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, CFO at Gas Natural Mexico

With the creation of laws last year that make it easier for foreign companies to export gas to Mexico and drilling expansion in Texas sending exports skyrocketing, Mexico is currently in the midst of a gas infrastructure boom. This has also resulted in an increased appetite for long-term investment in the region’s energy infrastructure. We spoke with Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, CFO at Gas Natural…

4 Sep 2015

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