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Appealing Risk-Return Profile Pushing Green Bonds into Mainstream – NN Investment

Market data suggests the asset class shows (still) higher volatility but also higher returns in Euro market as investors increasingly choose to go “green”.

25 Feb 2020

BBH: EM Preview for the Week Ahead

The still-growing impact of the coronavirus should keep EM and risk sentiment under pressure this week. The weekend G20 meeting in Saudi Arabia acknowledged the risks to the global economy and said participants agreed on a “menu of policy options.” However, the G20 offered little specific in terms of a coordinated policy response.

24 Feb 2020

IIF: Frontier Market Debt, Driven by Government Borrowing, Hit New All-Time Highs in 2019

Rising budget deficits are a cause for concern, particularly as climate-related risks accumulate, the IIF warned in its latest report.

24 Feb 2020

Ashmore: Quantifying EM Sovereign Fair Value

It is tough to beat the long-term risk-adjusted returns of Emerging Markets (EM) sovereign debt. The asset class has consistently delivered steady performance even during poor macroeconomic environments for EM economies. On a forward-looking basis, a simple quantitative analysis demonstrates investors receive six to ten times more spread over US Treasury than the actual default risk embedded in…

19 Feb 2020

Global Growth Forecast Marked Down Amid Lingering Coronavirus Threat – Moody’s

The ratings agency expects G-20 economies to grow at just 2.4% in 2020, with a pick-up to 2.8% next year.

17 Feb 2020

BBH: EM Preview for the Week Ahead

Concerns about the coronavirus are likely to keep EM under pressure, as the ultimate impact is still unknown. Global growth was already at risk before the virus hit and now the outlook is even cloudier.

17 Feb 2020

BBH: EM Preview for the Week Ahead

Risk-off sentiment intensified last week. Near-term, we think EM is likely to remain under pressure until the full impact of the coronavirus is better known. On top of this, there is broad-based dollar strength. Besides the safe haven flows, the US outlook remains very strong. Taken in conjunction with the recent weak data out of Germany, France, and Japan, it’s clear that the US economy…

10 Feb 2020

Countries Must Protect ‘Natural Capital’ to Lower Sovereign Credit Risk – Grantham Research Institute

The London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and Environment and think tank Planet Tracker have published a report exploring the link between a country’s sovereign bonds and its natural resources, outlining a new research framework intended to allow market participants to integrate these considerations into the credit analysis process.

7 Feb 2020

Risk-Off Sentiment ‘Relatively Limited’ in Response to Coronavirus – Blackrock

As a growing number of cases of coronavirus are confirmed outside of China markets have become shaky.

6 Feb 2020

EM Local Markets and USD High Yield from Ukraine, Egypt to Remain Attractive in 2020 - Nuveen

In its global investment outlook note titled “20/20 vision: a clearer path for growth” the firm maintains a bullish stance on emerging markets.

4 Feb 2020

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