Chile: An Emerging Market Faces Developed Market Challenges

Chile is forecasting slower than anticipated growth throughout 2017 as the country makes its way towards fresh elections in November. How is the slowdown affecting the banking sector and investor perceptions of Chile? We speak with Emiliano Muratore, CFO at Banco Santander-Chile for more on this and the bank’s fundraising strategy.

21 Apr 2017

CASE STUDY: BancoEstado Clinches Two Firsts with JPY Women Bond

In the Summer of 2016 Banco del Estado de Chile (BancoEstado) became the first South American issuer to place a social bond outside of the country, and the first to issue 10-year notes in the Japanese market.

20 Apr 2017

As Chilean Economy Cools, Corporates Target Hedging

Managing the financing strategy for any company, whether a large multinational or small start-up, is challenging during the best of times, and when an economy slumps, most CFOs will tell you that how you come out during an upturn largely depends on how you position yourself before the downturn.

19 Apr 2017

CASE STUDY: Santander Chile Breaks New Ground with Country’s First Corporate Formosa Bond

Banco Santander Chile became the first Chilean corporate to issue a Formosa bond, battling a fairly volatile global macroeconomic environment to secure aggressive pricing for the bank’s debut.

12 Apr 2017

Social Unrest in Latin America: Back to the Old Ways?

As political chaos erupted this week in multiple South American countries, investors must now decide if Latin American sovereigns are still worth the risk.

5 Apr 2017

Copper Won’t Lead Chile’s Investment Recovery

For the past few years Chile has seen its worst economic performance since the crisis of 1981, largely the result of depressed copper prices – which have been falling since 2011. With copper being bested by rivals such as iron ore and nickel, persistent global supply disruptions, and a lack of economic diversification, some have wondered whether Chile could continue to lose out on critical…

2 Mar 2017

Chile’s Euroclearance Raises Hope of Attracting Foreign Capital

Traditionally only Chile’s big corporates and state companies would choose to tap international markets, while the rest would get local financing. That may all change with Euroclear’s launch of settlement, custody and related services for cross-border Chilean domestic debt.

27 Feb 2017

Chile Pension Reforms Could Shield AFPs from Public Fury and Boost Competitiveness

Chileans are increasingly frustrated with deflated pension rates, but blaming AFPs may not be the most constructive solution. A new set of pension reforms could provide the first step to spreading the financial burden more evenly between workers and employers.

22 Feb 2017

LatAm Dollar Pipeline Swells but Local Currency Deal Outlook Uncertain

Emerging market debt took a significant hit after the surprising victory of Donald Trump last November, which was followed by a US interest rate hike weeks later. Concern over the President-Elect’s protectionist policies provoked capital outflows and a significant spike in borrowing costs for US-linked EMs, freezing almost US$10bn worth bonds that were supposed to be issued by Latin American…

12 Jan 2017

Outlook Bright for Loan Financing in Chile’s Renewables Sector

Chile has been one of the major success stories in Latin America over the past decade. As the economy slowed in the past year amid the commodities slump, the Chilean government is looking to attract local and foreign capital to finance an ambitious programme of sustainable energy projects across the country. The country is well positioned to succeed in this endeavour, analysts believe.

11 Jan 2017

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