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Indian corporates forced to bond

Indian corporates will be forced to issue bonds to finance certain ventures. However, despite a pressured banking sector, stronger and better managed corporates would still be able to access bank financing.

1 Jun 2016

China’s ZGH prints US$400mn offshore green bond

China’s ZGH has issued a green bond with an SBLC likely designed to attract strong investor demand.

23 May 2016

In China, cloud surrounds capital outflows and FX reserves

Although the latest figures on China show that foreign currency reserves increased last month, the performance of the various hard currencies used in its FX basket means it is difficult to track exactly whether China saved or spent.

10 May 2016

Could China Dominate the World’s Fixed Income Markets?

China has changed the world. After three decades of consistent high growth rates, China has become central to our thinking about where to manufacture goods and how capital flows around the globe. Many countries are now experiencing a slowdown due to lower oil and commodity prices – and this development can be traced back to China’s recent and ongoing deceleration.

9 May 2016

Asian Development Bank deposits bond

The ADB has issued a bond amid high demand. The bank’s credit rating and its operational efficiency have contributed to the popularity of the issue, leading to a wide investor base and varied investor make up.

25 Apr 2016

Japan to triple lending for Latin American infrastructure projects

The Japanese government is looking to boost the amount it lends to Latin American infrastructure projects in a recently announced agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

11 Apr 2016

Nigeria mulling Panda bonds as funding gap widens

Nigeria looks likely to tap a broad range of funding sources including the Chinese offshore bond market in a bid to stem the impact of declining oil and commodity-related revenues and finance key infrastructure initiatives.

11 Apr 2016

Is the emerging market rebound set to bounce back?

Emerging markets have reacted well to dovish signals from the US Federal Reserve. The rise in commodity prices has also contributed to their performance. However future interest rate increases combined with a slowdown in the rise in commodity prices could end the rebound.

6 Apr 2016

China Exim Bank makes its mark in Africa

African economies have struggled from low commodity prices and weakening demand due to their close links with China. However, the continent’s largest trading partner is investing considerable funds in the region to prop up infrastructure projects, which are crucial for the development of the region’s economies.

4 Apr 2016

China to boost exposure of yuan to foreign markets

China could increasingly utilise foreign currencies in its domestic market in an attempt to make trading more profitable for Chinese companies. It could also issue bonds in a variety of the IMF’s reserve currencies to increase the exposure of the yuan to foreign markets.

1 Apr 2016

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