Argentine M&A Activity to Continue Growing

The Argentine M&A scene is witnessing increased activity whilst similar deals in the rest of Latin America slow. Matt Porzio, VP, Strategy & Product Marketing at Intralinks discusses the drivers of Argentine M&A deals, which sectors are seeing the most activity and the outlook for M&A in the country.

8 Nov 2016

CASE STUDY: YPF Debuts its First US Dollar-Denominated Argentine Peso-Linked Bond

Argentine energy company Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales’ (YPF) dollar-denominated, peso-linked bond was the company’s first such issuance in this asset class. The deal was also the first of its kind since 2007 and remains the only one of its type currently outstanding.

7 Nov 2016

CASE STUDY: City of Buenos Aires Successfully Launches US$890mn Bond

The City of Buenos Aires’ benchmark-sized US dollar-denominated bond allowed it to repurchase older debt as well as fund infrastructure projects across the City. The bond comes amid the wave of Argentine issuance following the sovereign’s US$16.5bn issuance, thus capitalising on investor demand for Argentine debt.

31 Oct 2016

CASE STUDY: City of Buenos Aires Makes Local Market Strides

The City of Buenos Aires’ ARS2.06bn (US$150mn) dual-tranche bond saw strong demand from local investors and marked the City’s return to the local debt market for the first time since Argentina secured a deal with its holdout creditors.

31 Oct 2016

Facing the Markets from a Corporate Perspective - Cablevision

Argentine corporates had been locked out of the international capital markets alongside the sovereign for the duration of the country’s negotiations with its holdout creditors. Macri’s administration removed barriers to accessing the international markets, and although both investors and corporates wanted to issue and buy Argentine paper, the first issuance was a step into the unknown.…

31 Oct 2016

Macroeconomic Outlook - Argentina

An overview of Argentina’s economic fundamentals and the drivers of growth going forward

28 Oct 2016

The Revival of Argentina’s Bond Markets

Argentina’s bond markets have been very active since the country’s resolution with its holdout creditors – and 2017 appears set to be another busy year for both investors and issuers alike. Horacio Aguilar, IB Director – Capital Markets & Corporate Finance at Puente discusses the current performance of Argentine local and foreign currency-denominated debts, what investors see in the country’s…

24 Oct 2016

Argentina - Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Argentina’s long awaited return to the international capital markets saw investors clamouring for the country’s new issuance, with orders amounting to nearly US$70bn for the US$16.5bn of fresh debt offered. We speak to Alfredo Mordezki, Head of Latin America fixed income at Santander Asset Management, on what drove the levels of demand for this debt and whether its popularity can be maintained.

24 Oct 2016

Market overview: Osvaldo Cado, Albanesi Group

After dabbling in the syndicated loan market for years, Argentine electricity producer Albanesi Group took the plunge into the dollar market in July with a US$250mn 7-year (non-call in 4 years) bond. Osvaldo Cado, Head of Corporate Finance and Investor Relations at Albanesi Group talks about the company’s recent US dollar bond, how it picks its banks, and its growth strategy for the coming year.

21 Sept 2016

Tim Hall: A Global Credit Snapshot

With a low rate environment looking to persist well into next year, it looks like a perfect storm for issuers is taking shape – particularly in emerging markets, where yield hungry investors are searching for higher returns. We speak with Tim Hall, who previously served as Global Head of DCM at Credit Agricole CIB, about the global credit outlook, how DM and EM market shocks – like Brexit or the…

9 Sept 2016

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