Argentina’s Bond Ambitions May Lead to Century of Economic Pain

Argentina continued its debt bonanza this month as it joined a handful of countries to offer a unique 100-year bond that proved to be an unbelievable success with investors. But as the country’s debt pile grows, some analysts have begun to wonder whether Argentina could fall victim to its own success.

26 Jun 2017

Private Placements: an Emerging Latam Trend

Latin American corporates are reaping the benefits of private placements, as yield-starved investors are drawn to region's shores.

18 May 2017

SWOT Analysis of Argentina's Credit Markets

Bonds & Loans spent a week in Argentina meeting with some of the country’s key players in the credit markets space. What follows is a SWOT analysis summarising the key points to come out of our discussions, topics that will form the basis for the Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Argentina conference agenda.

16 May 2017

Social Unrest in Latin America: Back to the Old Ways?

As political chaos erupted this week in multiple South American countries, investors must now decide if Latin American sovereigns are still worth the risk.

5 Apr 2017

Odebrecht Could Lead to Stronger Corporate Governance in Latin America

The Odebrecht scandal could be a game changer for corporate governance in Latin America, with investors demanding more transparency in the way the region does business.

17 Mar 2017

Argentina: Concerns of Overleveraging in Dollars Gaining Pace

Argentina’s re-entry into international markets last year marked the end of a tumultuous chapter in the government’s troubled history, a period marked by defaults and unsustainable populism. While it has seemingly avoided the populism trap under its business-friendly president Mauricio Macri, concerns around overborrowing at the provincial level coupled with structural inefficiencies in the…

8 Mar 2017

Sustainability Drive Sparks Green Bond Interest Across South, Central America

Sustainable energy and infrastructure projects across South and Central America are attracting attention from investors, but the outlook is challenged due to a lack of awareness on the ground.

27 Jan 2017

Investors Unfazed By Latam’s Default History Amid Bond Surge

The New Year started with some high-profile transactions for emerging markets, particularly in South America. Countries such as Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela all tapped the markets for fresh capital in the first weeks of 2017.

16 Jan 2017

Investors Stoked About Record Levels of Argie Paper Despite Sustainability Concerns

Argentina, like many other emerging markets, is looking to take advantage of the calmer market conditions and a pullback in the US dollar seen in the first weeks of 2017 to borrow up to US$13bn from international lenders and investors. The sum has some observers concerned about the sustainability of its borrowing.

13 Jan 2017

LatAm Dollar Pipeline Swells but Local Currency Deal Outlook Uncertain

Emerging market debt took a significant hit after the surprising victory of Donald Trump last November, which was followed by a US interest rate hike weeks later. Concern over the President-Elect’s protectionist policies provoked capital outflows and a significant spike in borrowing costs for US-linked EMs, freezing almost US$10bn worth bonds that were supposed to be issued by Latin American…

12 Jan 2017

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