Interview with Carlos Alberto Rodríguez López, CFO, ISA

In the run-up to the Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Andes 2017 conference, we asked Carlos Alberto Rodríguez López, Chief Financial Officer, ISA, how is the company financing its business expansion outside its home market and what would be the single most important challenge for the Andean economies in 2017.

6 Jan 2017

ECAs Increasingly Central to Financing the Andean Infrastructure Pipeline

New projects and opportunities continue to attract a broad range of lenders and investors to places like Colombia and Peru, with the next wave of 4G infrastructure projects in the case of the former and revitalization of investment authority ProInversion in the case of the latter catalyzing the region’s project pipeline.

19 Dec 2016

Colombian referendum “No” vote leaves investors on hold

Hopes of a long-awaited peace deal with the FARC rebel group were tarnished on Sunday as voters rejected the proposal brokered by Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos by a narrow margin. The referendum, which was widely tipped to go in Santos’s favour, will likely send shockwaves through the country’s financial markets and potentially undermine investment as Colombia prepares for major…

5 Oct 2016

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