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CASE STUDY: Bancolombia Prints First Green Bond Issued by LatAm Private Lender

Bancolombia’s green bond was the first green bond issued by a private financial institution in Latin America and the first green bond in Colombia, potentially opening the market to a slew of local currency-denominated issuances.

13 Mar 2017

CASE STUDY: Suramericana Follows Record-Making Trade with Bridge Loan, Bond

In April 2016 pan-American conglomerate Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. followed up its record-breaking 2011 bond with a US$550mn issuance, which was used to repay a bridge loan posted a month earlier and fund the acquisition of RSA’s Latin American operations.

13 Mar 2017

Chile’s Euroclearance Raises Hope of Attracting Foreign Capital

Traditionally only Chile’s big corporates and state companies would choose to tap international markets, while the rest would get local financing. That may all change with Euroclear’s launch of settlement, custody and related services for cross-border Chilean domestic debt.

27 Feb 2017

Chile Pension Reforms Could Shield AFPs from Public Fury and Boost Competitiveness

Chileans are increasingly frustrated with deflated pension rates, but blaming AFPs may not be the most constructive solution. A new set of pension reforms could provide the first step to spreading the financial burden more evenly between workers and employers.

22 Feb 2017

Case Study: Promigas Shifts Liability Management Strategy with US$200mn Loan

Colombia’s Promigas marked its first foray into the syndicated loan markets by securing a US$200mn 5-year unsecured facility, allowing the company to consolidate its existing debt at more aggressive pricing while broadening its funding base.

21 Feb 2017

Andean Markets: Banking Sector Outlook for 2017

With stable GDP growth, strong demographics and a flurry of infrastructure programmes under way in the Andes, the region’s banking sector needs to provide the financial backbone for further development of some of the most flourishing economies in the EM space – that is, if the banks are able to steer clear of the pitfalls: corruption scandals, market volatility, and a potential global trade…

20 Feb 2017

Colombia’s Central Bank Chief Vows to Aim for Inflation Target Despite Headwinds

Juan Jose Echavarria, the new Governor of Colombia’s Central Bank, has come into the job at a time of uncertainty for global markets. With inflationary pressures simmering, countered by the need to boost growth through tightening, Bonds & Loans asked the country’s top banker about the legacy he has inherited and how the Bank plans to navigate the challenging economic landscape ahead.

16 Feb 2017

Odebrecht Scandal Has Deeper Implications for 4G Funding Environment

The unprecedented corruption scandal engulfing Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht has reverberated throughout the industry, seeping into neighbouring Colombia and Peru and leading to the delay or outright cancellation of some of the region’s flagship infrastructure projects. We speak with Luis Fernando Andrade Moreno, President of the National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia (ANI), about…

15 Feb 2017

Sustainability Drive Sparks Green Bond Interest Across South, Central America

Sustainable energy and infrastructure projects across South and Central America are attracting attention from investors, but the outlook is challenged due to a lack of awareness on the ground.

27 Jan 2017

Cutting Red Tape and Supporting Infrastructure Development in Peru

Peru has over US$45bn in infrastructure projects currently tied up in administrative deadlock. But the government’s private investment promotion agency Proinversión, which oversees the approval process for the country’s public-private partnerships (PPP), is currently embarking on a complete overhaul to relieve the bottleneck and help stimulate further infrastructure development. Bonds & Loans…

19 Jan 2017

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