Chile, Mexico lead LatAm revival

Economic growth in Chile was relatively weak in 2015 but according to the OECD, it is expected to pick up slowly over the coming years. Against this backdrop Chile issued its first cross-border bond of 2016, ending a brief lull in the region’s market.

14 Jan 2016

CBI: Green bond issuances likely to rise

Green bonds are gaining increasing interest, with the market increasing exponentially since 2012, from US$2.6bn to US$41.8bn in 2015.

14 Jan 2016

JP Morgan: Latin America to come in from the cold

Reports from Latin America since the region entered a recession about 18 months ago have rarely been positive, one of the reasons JP Morgan Securities’ view that bank bonds in the area recovering in 2016 may seem to be a bold claim.

13 Jan 2016

A Stormy Outlook for Latin American Credit in 2016

The knock on effect of investors fleeing the sector for Latin American economies and Latin American Credit. In this article, Vernon Budinger, CEO / CIO, Latin America Structured Finance Advisors, LLC analyses the emerging debt investment landscape in Latin America and paints a picture of some of the region’s key markets in 2016.

8 Jan 2016

Case Study: Financing Lima’s First Underground Metro

At a total cost of over $5.6bn, the Lima Metro Line 2 is both Lima’s first underground metro line and the largest securitization to date in Peru's history of RPI-CAOs, the government’s payments rights mechanism. In this article, we reviewed the deal and spoke to Ignacio Montero Ezpondaburu, Corporate Finance Head of Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory at Banco Santander, about the financing…

8 Jan 2016

VIDEO: Entrevista con Juan Pablo Newman, Chief Financial Officer, Pemex

Bonds & Loans entrevisto recientemente a Juan Pablo Newman, Juan Pablo Newman, Chief Financial Offers de Pemex con el fin de discutir las iniciativas estratégicas de la compañía, la volatilidad de los precios del petróleo y de los criterios que Pemex ha usado al decidir en qué mercados entrar (bonos, préstamos, diferentes monedas).

1 Dec 2015

Argentina Elections Unlikely to Change Downward Trajectory

The upcoming election could keep Argentina on the path towards further misery.The most market-friendly outcome would be an opposition win.Without a change in governments, it’s hard to envision a significant step back from the unorthodox policies set forth by Presidents Kirchner and Fernandez, explains Dr. Win Thin, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Emerging Markets Strategy at Brown…

30 Oct 2015

What are Green Bonds and how are they relevant in Brazil?

Green bonds raise funds for new and existing eligible projects with environmental benefits, and offer SRI opportunities for investors and have become an effective way for issuers to communicate their Environmental, Social and Governance credentials, writes Andrew Menzies, Co-Head, Debt Capital Markets, Americas at Societe Generale.

18 Sept 2015

Interview: Ian Ramalho Guerriero, Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, Brazil

Ian Ramalho Guerriero, Director, SEPAC, Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, Brazil, explains how the Government of Brazil is trying to promote infrastructure projects to the private sector.

17 Sept 2015

Interview: Gustavo Bellon, Head of Capital Markets, Banco ABC Brasil

Gustavo Bellon, Head of Capital Markets, Banco ABC Brasil, discusses how Brazilian infrastructure can be turned into an investable asset class for local investors rebalancing their portfolios.

17 Sept 2015

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