Mexico surprises with rate rise, dollar sell-off

The Mexican central bank raised interest rates alongside a selloff of dollars in the foreign exchange market in an effort to shore up the strength of the peso. But are the moves are likely to convince international holders of Mexico’s foreign debt to maintain their positions?

19 Feb 2016

S&P downgrades Brazil’s sovereign bonds

Brazil’s long term bonds have been downgraded again by Standard & Poor’s. Amid the current situation in the country, further downgrades from other ratings agencies are likely. However aid from China is keeping Brazil’s economy afloat, which could potentially keep investors interested.

19 Feb 2016

Colombia’s ISA to issue local bonds

Colombia’s main electricity company has issued peso denominated bonds as part of a wider local currency debt raising plan. The company turned to the local market because of its growing strength as international investors continue to sell out of EMs.

18 Feb 2016

China’s interest in Latin America grows exponentially

With western interest in Latin America flagging, China is stepping in to support the region which has suffered badly from recent economic crises. However, the country may not have its market dominance for long with the rise of other emerging powerhouses.

16 Feb 2016

Venezuela looking for oil production freeze

With Venezuela’s economy coming under increasingly unsustainable pressure, the country is trying to bolster the price of oil, its main lifeline. The country is not the only oil dependent economy feeling the pinch, and attempts to reach an agreement that would provide oil dependant nations with some breathing space are edging ever closer to fruition. However, any deal is still far from certain.

16 Feb 2016

Venezuela debt default looking increasingly likely

Venezuela is facing an economic crisis. Although President Maduro is prioritising debt repayments among other political and economic issues, the country is fast running out of funds needed to save itself as it edges closer to default.

11 Feb 2016

Mexico’s FEFA prices bond

Local bond issuances are seeing a revival in Mexico, one of the strongest emerging markets. But ultimately, currency volatility could determine the popularity of these bonds.

11 Feb 2016

Argentina makes further progress with holdout creditors

Argentina is slowly making its return to the international capital markets. The recently proposed deal has won over some of the country’s holdout creditors, although others remain as yet unconvinced. Despite requiring a unanimous vote, Argentina’s return could also be hampered by the country’s own congress.

9 Feb 2016

S&P raises Argentina’s local credit rating

The raising of Argentina’s local credit rating by Standard & Poor’s shows the country is on the right path to recovery and a long awaited return to the international capital markets. The country is looking to capitalise on this move and raise its foreign credit rating by successfully coming to an agreement with holdout creditors.

5 Feb 2016

Amid EM slowdown, Mexico stands out for bond investors

Emerging markets have suffered amid a Chinese economic slowdown, global commodity slump and US interest rate rises. Yields on EM bonds are rising and investors are pulling out of many markets. As an EM, Mexico is no exception. However, it is coping better than many of its EM cousins on the debt front.

3 Feb 2016

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