Video: Carlos Blanco, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Peru

What factors could influence any future debt issuances from Peru in 2016

24 Mar 2016

Video: Felipe Diaz, Head of Corporate Finance, Latin America, SMBC

How sources of funding have changed for companies in Latin America.

24 Mar 2016

Ecuador on the road for bond

Ecuador is setting up a roadshow with international investors to test the appetite for a sovereign bond. Despite the slight increase in oil prices, which will help the Latin American nation’s fiscal position, its credit rating will still likely demand a higher yield to attract investors.

24 Mar 2016

Top Dealmaker: The Loan Syndicator

Monica Macia of HSBC gives her take on Latin American loan markets. Monica joined HSBC in August 2010 as Head of Loan Syndications for Latin America and was later appointed Head of Loan Syndications for the Americas.

23 Mar 2016

Colombia taps European market with cross border issuance

Colombia returns after long absence from the European markets

17 Mar 2016

Cemex issues cross border bond

Cemex has issued a cross border bond.

17 Mar 2016

Brazil taps market with benchmark bond

Brazil has tapped the international debt markets with a large dollar denominated bond. Despite the country’s poor credit outlook, the country was able to find large demand for its issuance which resulted in tight pricing.

14 Mar 2016

Buenos Aires province issues after upsizing dollar bond

Buenos Aires province in Argentina has issued a dollar denominated bond, as the country slowly re-joins the international capital markets. Despite being popular amongst investors, yields remain high due to the low credit ratings that the country’s entities hold.

11 Mar 2016

Brazil offers incentives to stimulate infrastructure bonds

Brazil is attempting to make its infrastructure bonds more attractive for investors as the country tries build up infrastructure in the midst of a recession, while simultaneously relieving some of the pressure on Brazil’s state development bank.

9 Mar 2016

America Movil hits the market with Euro denominated bond

Mexican corporates have and are continuing to successfully tap the international capital markets. The reason for their success in attracting investment when compared to other corporates in neighbouring Latin American countries lies in the relative resilience of the Mexican economy, not just in the region but compared to the majority of emerging markets globally.

9 Mar 2016

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