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S&P raises Argentina’s local credit rating

The raising of Argentina’s local credit rating by Standard & Poor’s shows the country is on the right path to recovery and a long awaited return to the international capital markets. The country is looking to capitalise on this move and raise its foreign credit rating by successfully coming to an agreement with holdout creditors.

5 Feb 2016

Amid EM slowdown, Mexico stands out for bond investors

Emerging markets have suffered amid a Chinese economic slowdown, global commodity slump and US interest rate rises. Yields on EM bonds are rising and investors are pulling out of many markets. As an EM, Mexico is no exception. However, it is coping better than many of its EM cousins on the debt front.

3 Feb 2016

Brazil’s UTC Engenharia issues debentures amid the country’s debt crisis

Brazilian Holding Company UTC Participacoes and its engineering subsidiary UTC Engenharia raised BRL862mn (US$215mn) dollars in debt through two debentures.

3 Feb 2016

Argentina borrows from Wall Street banks

Argentina has been an outcast in the international capital markets since the previous government allowed the country to default on its debt, leading to an acrimonious relationship between the country’s leaders and international creditors. But with talks under way between a new government intent on progress, and with loans already in place, Argentina finally has a chance to return to the…

3 Feb 2016

HSBC: EM green bonds to double in value by end of year

The value of outstanding green bonds could double in value according to HSBC to between US$133bn and US$158bn by the end of the year. The company predicts green bond issuances will increase over last year from between 32% to 91%, or from US$51bn to US$80bn.

29 Jan 2016

Ecuador snags loan from ICBC

Ecuador recently has remained heavily dependent on a lifeline provided by China. However, with a slowdown in the East and falling commodity prices, the Latin American nation may struggle to repay its loans, bringing back memories of its 2008 default.

29 Jan 2016

Amidst mining slowdown, Chile’s Antofagasta looks to issue new debt

Chilean Antofagasta is looking to issue a new bond, according to reports. Against the backdrop of the plight of emerging markets, the mining industry is struggling amid a wider commodities slowdown.

28 Jan 2016

Emerging market borrowing costs hit 5 year high

Investors warned that emerging markets could face a new credit crunch with borrowing costs reaching their highest levels in five years.

26 Jan 2016

Peru faces court battle over unpaid debt

Peru misleadingly sold around US$3bn worth of debt in 2015 according to the Land Reform Bondholders Association.

26 Jan 2016

Petrobras cancels debenture

Plans by Petrobras for an issue of debentures were expected to raise at least US$750mn for state oil company. Due to unfavourable market conditions and no improvement in sight, those plans were cancelled.

25 Jan 2016

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