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BBH: Reasoned optimism for debt in post-election Peru

Analysts at BBH, a New York-based investment house, see many reasons to be optimistic about Peru’s economy following the first round of elections which took place in the Latin American country this week.

13 Apr 2016

Japan to triple lending for Latin American infrastructure projects

The Japanese government is looking to boost the amount it lends to Latin American infrastructure projects in a recently announced agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

11 Apr 2016

Can bloated markets stomach Argentine debt?

As Argentina prepares to return to the international capital markets, there are concerns over the size of the sovereign’s planned issuance and whether there will be sufficient appetite amongst investors.

11 Apr 2016

Arcos Dorados orders US$167.3mn loan

Brazil’s largest McDonald’s franchisee Arcos Dorados has received a loan with the intention of servicing the costs of older notes. Although many Brazilian corporates hold low credit ratings as a result of both internal and external factors, small improvements in the domestic economic climate is starting to translate into gains for some.

7 Apr 2016

Is the emerging market rebound set to bounce back?

Emerging markets have reacted well to dovish signals from the US Federal Reserve. The rise in commodity prices has also contributed to their performance. However future interest rate increases combined with a slowdown in the rise in commodity prices could end the rebound.

6 Apr 2016

Loathe to loan to Brazil

Brazil is losing the trust of international investors. The macroeconomic situation in the country and the slow reaction of corporate executives to reassure the markets has led to many lenders either leaving the Brazilian market or requesting dollar guarantees on any credit they provide.

5 Apr 2016

Approved: Argentina’s debt deal

Argentina has gained permission to re-join the international capital markets, and will likely enter the markets with a large issuance. An already saturated debt market and global economic headwinds could affect any issuance, however, the scarcity of Argentine debt could prove too tempting for many investors to pass up.

1 Apr 2016

CASE STUDY: Nacional Financiera Makes Green Strides

Mexican state-owned development bank Nacional Financiera S.N.C (Nafin) overcame some tough conditions in emerging markets to successfully price and issue the country’s first certified US$500mn Green Bond, paving the way for future issuances in the country.

1 Apr 2016

CASE STUDY: Financing Lima’s First Underground Metro

At a total cost of over $5.6bn, the Lima Metro Line 2 is both Lima’s first underground metro line and the largest securitization to date in Peru's history of RPI-CAOs, the government’s payments rights mechanism.

1 Apr 2016

Nelson Barbosa on Bringing Brazil Back To Growth

The political turbulence currently rocking Brazil continues to take its toll on the country’s economy, despite glimmers of hope emerging in its equity and housing markets – nascent signs of a shift in fundamentals. We speak with the country’s Minister of Finance Nelson Barbosa about what the Ministry is doing to address Brazil’s struggling economy and return it to growth.

30 Mar 2016

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