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Nigeria tries to win back investors

Despite its removal from the JP Morgan and Barclays’ emerging market indices last year due to erratic behaviour and a lack of transparency, Nigeria is again looking to tap into the Eurobond market.

14 Jan 2016

South African FX volatility impact on investor confidence short-lived

The South African Rand plummeted by more than 9% against the dollar on Monday 11 January after just 15 minutes of trading in a flash crash. Although the Rand has stabilised it may cause concern for current and potential investors in the region.

13 Jan 2016

Video Interview: Jonathan First, Head of Loan Syndications, Development Bank of Southern Africa

During our Bonds & Loans Africa event we caught up with Jonathan First, Head of Loan Syndications, Development Bank of Southern Africa. He explains how regulatory changes affecting commercial banks have resulted in a greater reliance on DFIs and IFIs for the funding of infrastructure projects and how DFIs and IFIs are brigning banks and investors into deals by taking first-loss risk.

5 Jun 2015

Video interview: Stefano Terranova, Head of Acquisitions, Investments & Financial Advisory, GDF Suez

In this interview, Stefano Terranova, Head of Acquisitions, Investments and Financial Advisory,GDF Suez discusses the regulatory changes and payment structures that need to be put in place to help fund power and infrastructure projects in Africa.

5 Jun 2015

Video interview with Felister Kivisi: Infrastructure development & GDP Growth in Africa

In this video interview a speaker at our recent Bonds & Loans Africa conference, Felister Kivisi, Director, Debt Management, The National Treasury, Republic of Kenya, discusses her expectations for GDP growth and the National Treasury's plans for infrastructure development in 2016 and 2017.

31 May 2015

Video interview with Rob Moody: Investor appetite in Africa

At our recent Bonds & Loans Africa conference in March we took a moment to sit down with Rob Moody, Director, Debt Capital Markets, Africa, Deal Bridge Group, to ask for his opinion as to why investors are buying African sovereign debt but not corporate.

31 May 2015

Julian Van Kan, BNP Paribas: Big investment opportunities for Africa

We sat down with Julian Van Kan from BNP Paribas at the Bonds & Loans Africa, where he talked about Africa as a popular investment destination and the big opportunities for the region.

18 May 2015

Interview with Richard Fox, Fitch Ratings: How African governments will maintain their ratings

In this video interview Richard discusses the key challenges African governments must face in 2015 to maintain their ratings.

18 May 2015

Interview with Tshepiso Moahloli from the National Treasury Republic of South Africa

Interview with Tshepiso Moahloli from The National Treasury Republic of South Africa. In this interview she explains what were the key challenges she faced when issuing a debt sukuk.

11 May 2015

Fitch: Rating Drivers and Rating Performance of African Sovereigns

Last month 3 representatives from Fitch Ratings held a workshop at this year’s Bonds & Loans Africa conference about the rating drivers and rating performance of African Sovereigns. Richard Fox, Head, Middle East and Africa Sovereign Ratings, Carmen Altenkirch, Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Fabrice Toka, Senior Director, Business and Relationship Management, Sub-Saharan Africa, have summarised…

16 Apr 2015

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