VIDEO: Interview with Juan Pablo Newman, Chief Financial Officer, Pemex

While at the annual Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Mexico conference, Bonds & Loans interviewed Juan Pablo Newman, Chief Financial Officer, Pemex, to discuss the company's strategic initiatives, oil price volatility and the criteria that Pemex use when deciding which markets to tap (bonds, loans, different currencies).

Oct 21, 2016 // 7:28AM

In this video you can hear all the advice he offers to a CFO looking to tap the Mexican bond or loan markets.

We asked Juan Pablo:

  • What are some of the major strategic initiatives on the horizon at Pemex?
  • Oil price volatility has been a major talking point in 2016.  How has oil price volatility impacted PEMEX’s capital markets strategy and risk management policies?
  • PEMEX has continued to be very active in the capital markets in 2016, issuing a jumbo deal last week as well as issuing in several different currencies. When considering which markets to tap – bonds, loans, and different currencies – what are the key criteria by which you decide to target a certain pool of liquidity?
  • If you could pick-out 2 reasons to be optimistic about 2017, what would they be?
  • And what about the 2 things CFOs should be cautious about in 2017?


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