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VIDEO: Interview with Jean-Dominique Bütikofer, Head EM Fixed Income, Voya Investment Management

At the Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Argentina conference, Bonds & Loans interviewed Jean-Dominique (JD) Bütikofer, Head Emerging Markets Fixed Income, Voya Investment Management discusse which sectors he sees driving the Argentine credit market in 2017.

Dec 14, 2016 // 10:21AM

We asked:

  • It’s been a record year for Argentina’s credit markets. What kind of themes are we likely to see emerge next year?
  • In terms of fundamentals, have we seen an improvement in Argentina since the new government came to power?
  • What sectors do you see driving the Argentine credit market in 2017?
  • Latin American credit is typically heavily exposed to rate hikes in the US. How exposed is Argentina to a US interest rate hike? Does its relative exclusion from the dollar market for substantial lengths of time actually play to its advantage?
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