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MENA credit ratings weakening

Standard and Poor’s says the overall sovereign creditworthiness of the Middle East North Africa region is lower on average since its last review 6 months ago.

20 Jan 2016

Sub Saharan Africa debt issuance slows

Sub Saharan Debt issuance raised US$15.5bn in proceeds in 2015, 22% less than the previous year and the lowest level of issuances since 2012. None of the debt of the region’s countries has produced a positive return.

20 Jan 2016

Argentina prepared to deal with holdout creditors

The new Argentine incumbent Mauricio Macri was elected on the promise of free market solutions to the country’s economic problems, but he will first have to appease the country’s creditors to address the recession, inflation, falling foreign currency reserves and a growing budget deficit that has crippled the country.

20 Jan 2016

Kenya mulls issuing rare sukuk in bid to boost capital

Kenya is considering issuing sovereign debt this year including, potentially, its inaugural sukuk. The news comes despite investors worrying over weaker emerging market performance and slipping demand for bonds from developing markets.

19 Jan 2016

Russia’s oil giants diverge in the bond market

With oil now priced at less than US$30 per barrel, its lowest level in decades, one may be forgiven for assuming the bonds of oil-producing companies would be performing similarly poorly. In Russia however, the bonds of two oil giants are diverging.

19 Jan 2016

China-linked emerging markets to be hit by renminbi devaluation

Emerging markets linked to China will suffer further under the continuing devaluation of the renminbi.

19 Jan 2016

China’s debt increasing exponentially

The volume of Chinese loans is at its highest ever level, leading investors to look towards bonds as an alternative. But investors are now using bonds as insurance for loans, which are used to buy more bonds, and concerns are being raised over the heavily indebted and overcrowded market.

15 Jan 2016

Saudi Arabia REIT rules to stimulate foreign investment

The market regulator in Saudi Arabia has approved rules on the listing of real estate investment trust funds, or REITs, in the country. Taqeem, the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers has created a licensing system for real estate valuations. The move may stimulate foreign investment in the housing and building sector, something the country desperately needs.

15 Jan 2016

Guatemala looking to issue Eurobond despite regional worries

The Guatemalan government is expecting to issue a Eurobond in the region of US$500mn early this year according to multiple reports. The news comes despite overseas investment dropping to its lowest point since the financial crisis.

15 Jan 2016

Is Russia selling its crown jewels?

In this article, Michael Ballauf, Analyst, Credit Research, Raiffeisen Bank International AG discusses how Russia's privatisation plan could benefit the Russian banking sector.

15 Jan 2016