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Russia’s sovereign bond divides hearts and minds

Russia last issued a sovereign bond in 2013. With a new Eurobond issuance looming, many investors are split over whether to buy the bonds on concerns over sanctions. Regardless of their actions, it is likely that the bond will meet large demand from Russian entities.

24 May 2016

Jordan’s Central Bank issues debut sukuk

The Jordanian Central Bank’s issued its debut sukuk this week. The high demand for the Islamic bond demonstrates the interest in Sharia compliant forms of financing, and will likely lead to further issuances from other Jordanian entities according to analysts.

24 May 2016

China’s ZGH prints US$400mn offshore green bond

China’s ZGH has issued a green bond with an SBLC likely designed to attract strong investor demand.

23 May 2016

On The Horizon in EMs

Deals, rating actions, currency movements, policy changes, and the occasional bit of hearsay. Here is your daily snapshot of what’s happening, and what’s on the horizon, in emerging markets.

23 May 2016

Test of Maturity

We’ve had other fiscal crises in the past. But those were other times, marked either by negligence regarding fiscal discipline or imbalances and skeletons inherited from the past. The government needed to call on the IMF on some occasions in the 1980s and 90s, and even at the start of this century, because the fiscal crisis implied inability to honor foreign debt.

23 May 2016

An investment exit on Brexit?

Although the possibility of Brexit looms above the financial community, the impact of such an event is unlikely to significantly alter the investment strategies of large British institutional investors as Central and Eastern European investment levels are low.

23 May 2016

Will Mexico tow the US Fed’s line?

The Mexican Central Bank, Banco de Mexico, has already surprised markets with an interest rate hike this year. With a weakening peso and looming US Federal Reserve Policy meeting in June, followed by a Banco de Mexico policy meeting shortly afterwards, there is a possibility that Mexico could again raise interest rates.

20 May 2016

Qtel to join other GCC issuers with imminent dollar bond

Qatar Telecom is planning to launch another benchmark sized bond following similar issuances in the past. The company’s fundamentals mean demand will not be lacking, and banks that have worked on past Qtel deals have re-emerged.

20 May 2016

CASE STUDY: Abu Dhabi Reopens GCC Markets

The Emirate returned to the international capital markets with a highly sought after Eurobond, the first time the sub-sovereign has tapped the international capital markets after a long hiatus. The issuance marks the beginning of increased debt issuance activity in the Middle East.

20 May 2016

African debt issuance dries up – for now

The scarcity of corporate bond issuances across Sub Saharan Africa follows a lack of sovereign issuance, with South Africa being the only country in the region to issue on the international markets this year. It appears that many corporates are reassessing their capital expenditure plans and funding needs, while states planning debt sales may wait until after a US interest rate rise.

19 May 2016