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Philippines’ low yield bond attracts high interest

Bucking the broader emerging market debt trend, the Philippines has issued a low yield bond that attracted huge levels of interest.

22 Feb 2016

Mexico taps international debt markets with dual-tranche Eurobond

Mexico has issued yet another Eurobond. The country’s bonds are likely to perform well as a result of its favourable position in comparison with many of its Latin American peers, resulting from its close ties with the US.

19 Feb 2016

Smoke Signals: Debt In Brazil

Many analysts ask whether Brazil is in a situation of fiscal dominance, which happens when the dynamic of the public debt in proportion to GDP is perceived as explosive by economic agents. In the absence of a fiscal adjustment or a debt default, this winds up pressuring prices to the point where the central bank loses control of inflation, explains Zeina Latif, Chief Economist of XP Investimentos.

19 Feb 2016

Mexico surprises with rate rise, dollar sell-off

The Mexican central bank raised interest rates alongside a selloff of dollars in the foreign exchange market in an effort to shore up the strength of the peso. But are the moves are likely to convince international holders of Mexico’s foreign debt to maintain their positions?

19 Feb 2016

S&P downgrades Brazil’s sovereign bonds

Brazil’s long term bonds have been downgraded again by Standard & Poor’s. Amid the current situation in the country, further downgrades from other ratings agencies are likely. However aid from China is keeping Brazil’s economy afloat, which could potentially keep investors interested.

19 Feb 2016

Appetite frozen for Russian sovereign bonds over legal complications

The Russian state is looking to the international debt markets to raise funds. Any sovereign debt could attract large investor demand, but a lack of fiscal transparency in the country has fuelled worries that sanctioned companies may be the real beneficiaries of any debt raised.

18 Feb 2016

Despite concerns, Polish long term debt could prove fruitful

Investor concerns over the new Polish government’s economic policies have increased. However, analysts recommend holding long term Polish bonds as yields edge higher, providing attractive returns.

18 Feb 2016

Norilsk Nickel to tap local debt market

Norilsk Nickel is planning to tap the local debt markets this week. With a history of oversubscribed foreign debt issuances this comes as an anomaly, but the company is issuing the debt due more to demand than necessity.

18 Feb 2016

Colombia’s ISA to issue local bonds

Colombia’s main electricity company has issued peso denominated bonds as part of a wider local currency debt raising plan. The company turned to the local market because of its growing strength as international investors continue to sell out of EMs.

18 Feb 2016

Saudi Electricity Company to increase its sukuk programme

State owned Saudi Electricity Company will increase its sukuk programme. The move comes amid increasingly negative economic conditions in the region, but with the lack of alternative sources of income it remains one of the few options to raise capital.

17 Feb 2016