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Interview with Carlos Vargas, Chief Executive Officer, Andino Investment Holding

Carlos Vargas, Chief Executive Officer, Andino Investment Holding spoke to Bonds & Loans about the scale of the infrastructure gap in Peru and new investment opportunities in the Andean region in the run-up to the Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Andes 2017 conference.

Jan 9, 2017 // 10:04AM

1. What is the scale of the infrastructure gap in Peru in your view? Are there opportunities for companies based in other Latin American countries to come in any pickup deals?

The infrastructure gap in Peru is really important and a driver for growth in the coming years. This is calculated at approx. USD$80 billion. PPPs in Peru are really welcome and the sector is very developed.

2. There has been much talk of the Peruvian infrastructure pipeline opening up following the most recent election outcome. Can you share your views on the progress being made by the government to clear the backlog?

The government has just passed a new law for the infrastructure projects. This new ruling simplifies the whole process and the paperwork. I can see that with this new law there will be a lot of projects that will be approved in a very short period of time.

3. Where in Latin America is Andino Investment Holding currently looking for new opportunities? Which sectors do you see as the biggest drivers here?

AIH is an infrastructure investor. We concentrate ourselves on transportation infrastructure; more specifically in ports, airports and logistic infrastructure. We are currently only investing in Peru, but in the medium term, you will see our company in the rest of Latin America.

4. Have you seen a shift in terms of the types of investors looking to get involved in financing new infrastructure development in the Andean region?

In terms of the investors, the Andean region has already been explored by most types of investors. What is new is the focus that Chinese companies are giving to Latin America and particularly in Peru. Construction companies, together with financial institutions from China are on permanent road shows in the region.


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