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Daily Roundup

Gas Malaysia Bhd plans sukuk – Colombia votes against FARC peace deal – Peruvian CPI falls out of Central Bank’s target range – APICORP issues US$300mn Formosa bond – Azerbaijan’s Bank Standard has license revoked

Oct 3, 2016 // 4:16PM

Gas Malaysia Bhd announced in a bourse filing that it is looking to raise RM700mn in unsecured murabaha sukuk notes with 7 and 10-year tenors. Proceeds will be used to refinance existing debt and fund working capital and capex.

Indonesian CPI rose 3.07% year-on-year for September, up from 2.79% year-on-year in August. Manufacturing PMI rose from 50.4 in August to 50.9 in September.

Thailand's CPI rose 0.38% year-on-year for September, up from 0.29% year-on-year in August.

Peruvian CPI rose 3.13% year-on-year in September, up from 2.94% year-on-year in August. Inflation is now above the Central Bank's target of between 1-3%.

The Moldovan Central Bank has cut its base rate by 50bp to 9.50%.

The Armenian Central Bank has lowered its refinancing rate by 50bp to 6.75%.

Russia's PMI rose to 51.1 in September from 50.8 in August according to Markit Economics.

Bank Standard, one of Azerbaijan's top 5 banks has had its license revoked as it is no longer able to meet obligations to depositors, and neither the Central Bank nor the government could provide sufficient funding to improve the Bank's fundamentals.

A referendum on the Colombian peace deal with the FARC rebels has been rejected, with 50.2% of voters opposing the deal.

The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP) issued a US$300mn 5-year floating rate Formosa bond, which targets the Taiwanese market.

Turkish CPI fell to 7.28% year-on-year in September from 8.05% year-on-year in August.

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