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Kenya to test appetite with possible Eurobond

One of the better performing sovereigns in Africa could tap the Eurobond markets. Although the shape of Kenya’s economy looks promising for investors, possible corruption and an election next year could mean that any Eurobond’s yield would have to be significantly higher than that seen on the last issuance.

5 Apr 2016

China Exim Bank makes its mark in Africa

African economies have struggled from low commodity prices and weakening demand due to their close links with China. However, the continent’s largest trading partner is investing considerable funds in the region to prop up infrastructure projects, which are crucial for the development of the region’s economies.

4 Apr 2016

CASE STUDY: Bringing Wind Projects To Morocco

As the first renewable energy project to be developed under a new renewable energy law (13-09) in Morocco, the Khalladi Wind IPP was a landmark deal that is helping ACWA Power solidify its position in the region’s energy sector and help the country hit its ambitious renewable energy goals.

3 Apr 2016

CASE STUDY: Nacional Financiera Makes Green Strides

Mexican state-owned development bank Nacional Financiera S.N.C (Nafin) overcame some tough conditions in emerging markets to successfully price and issue the country’s first certified US$500mn Green Bond, paving the way for future issuances in the country.

1 Apr 2016

CASE STUDY: Financing Lima’s First Underground Metro

At a total cost of over $5.6bn, the Lima Metro Line 2 is both Lima’s first underground metro line and the largest securitization to date in Peru's history of RPI-CAOs, the government’s payments rights mechanism.

1 Apr 2016

EBRD enters PPP project in Turkey

PPPs are becoming increasingly popular forms of financing as they split the funding requirements of a project between public and private entities. A recent PPP in Turkey that the EBRD is participating in is unique as it carries both conventional and Islamic financing components. The EBRD has become increasingly prevalent in Turkey, providing assistance to many projects.

16 Mar 2016

Qatar to increase PPPs

Due to the strain on public finances in the Gulf region as a result of low oil prices, many countries are increasingly turning to PPPs to support the funding of certain projects. Qatar is not new to PPPs, but is looking to expand their availability to other ventures away from the energy sector.

16 Mar 2016

The First True Project-Financed Nigerian IPP Deal

Azura Edo is Nigeria’s first true project-financed independent power plant (IPP) and the first project of its kind in over 20 years, leading to the development of a template that will help open the market to future deals of its kind.

15 Mar 2016

Brazil offers incentives to stimulate infrastructure bonds

Brazil is attempting to make its infrastructure bonds more attractive for investors as the country tries build up infrastructure in the midst of a recession, while simultaneously relieving some of the pressure on Brazil’s state development bank.

9 Mar 2016

Emirates Global Aluminium Forges US$4.9bn Syndicated Loan

Emirates Global Aluminium’s (EGA) US$4.9bn 7-year syndicated facility was executed amidst tightening regional liquidity and emerging market turmoil, but which nevertheless secured aggressive pricing and participation from a wide group of investors.

7 Mar 2016

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