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Approved: Argentina’s debt deal

Argentina has gained permission to re-join the international capital markets, and will likely enter the markets with a large issuance. An already saturated debt market and global economic headwinds could affect any issuance, however, the scarcity of Argentine debt could prove too tempting for many investors to pass up.

1 Apr 2016

Video: Evgeniy Gavrilenkov, Chief Economist, Managing Director, Sberbank CIB

What kinds of policies can Russia adopt to improve the economy?

31 Mar 2016

China toys with Tobin tax to combat currency speculation

China is looking to bring in a tax to combat currency speculation.The move comes after numerous attempts by the government and its state banks to support the yuan.

24 Mar 2016

Qatar to increase PPPs

Due to the strain on public finances in the Gulf region as a result of low oil prices, many countries are increasingly turning to PPPs to support the funding of certain projects. Qatar is not new to PPPs, but is looking to expand their availability to other ventures away from the energy sector.

16 Mar 2016

Kenya mobile bond calling

After its initial postponement, Kenya is looking to debut a bond accessible via mobile phones. The bond is likely to garner large interest though the accessibility of the mobile platform, low buy-ins compared to other government debt, and comparatively high returns.

10 Mar 2016

Brazil: Punishment in the right dose is healthy

The fiscal irresponsibility in recent years has not been limited to the federal government. The state and municipal governments have also disrespected the Fiscal Responsibility Law, if not directly, at least its spirit, often with the help of the National Treasury. The bill has now come due and the state governments are pressuring the central government for some relief. Missteps can aggravate the…

8 Mar 2016

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