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Video: Usman Ahmed, Head of Fixed Income, Emirates NBD Asset Management

How have outside factors affected the debt markets in the GCC?

10 May 2016

Video: Henrik Raber, Standard Chartered

Henrik Raber, Managing Director, Global Head Capital Markets, Standard Chartered discusses how low oil prices have affected the performance of Middle Eastern capital markets compared to other emerging markets.

10 May 2016

Emerging markets popularity could ease – but not as a result of dollar action

The recent rebound in the performance of emerging markets has renewed the interest of international investors. Although the threat of an increasingly strong dollar has subsided, and many currencies have stabilised, there remain deep concerns over the future growth of these markets, which could prompt a reversal of fortunes.

6 May 2016

Is Russia’s frosty relationship with international markets a boon for its debt?

With Russia’s Alfa bank looking to access the debt capital markets in the near future, and given a recent lack of Russian activity on the international markets, there is a possibility that Russian debt could prove to be as popular as Argentina’s recent bond debut – according to Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister. But is that really the case?

5 May 2016

Video: Simon Johnson, Former Chief Economist, IMF

How are events in developed markets influencing emerging markets?

29 Apr 2016

China and Fed give boost to emerging markets

The increased performance of emerging markets is due, not only to a dovish tone from the US Federal Reserve, but also as a result of an increased demand for commodities from China. This has increased export revenues for many developing economies, improving their performance.

28 Apr 2016

Nigeria offers lifeline to states

Certain states within Nigeria are struggling to repay their debts to such an extent that the federal government has intervened to financially assist them.

26 Apr 2016

In Brazil, know your problems before you solve them

The deterioration of the public accounts in Brazil in recent years is alarming. The primary fiscal results (before interest payments on debt) were rapidly heading toward negative territory even before the collapse of revenues due to the recession. The results have not only appeared worse because of the “creative accounting” to mask the real tragedy – they simply do not give a full picture of the…

21 Apr 2016

Markets flutter on Rousseff impeachment news

Markets reacted with mixed sentiment Monday to news that Brazil’s lower house voted to back the impeachment of embattled president Dilma Rousseff. Analysts and observers contend the news will do little to boost the country’s markets until the process is driven to its conclusion, and structural reforms implemented.

18 Apr 2016

Poland reopens Eurobond but EM investor appetite wanes

Poland marked its return to the international debt markets this week, reopening 20-year euro-denominated bonds initially sold in January this year. Despite securing better pricing than it did on the initial issuance, EM investors aren’t particularly convinced there’s a bargain to be had.

14 Apr 2016

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